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  • Joaquin Phoenix in the movie "Her."

    FIELDS: Love by the byte

    The New Year explodes with dire prophesies for men and women and their mating patterns. If they're correct, or even close to it, the lot of men will not be a happy one — or for the women who love them (and want one of their own).

  • Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

    TYRRELL: Woman of the year

    "What you're seeing is how a civilization commits suicide," observes Camille Paglia, the learned iconoclast and professor of humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

  • **FILE** Lady Gaga (Associated Press)

    Culture Briefs

    "Despite showing acres of pallid flesh in the fetish-bondage garb of urban prostitution, [Lady] Gaga isn't sexy at all — she's like a gangly marionette or plasticized android," writes Camille Paglia at the Sunday Times of London Magazine.

The twists and turns of the world of "Inception," with ideas that can't fit into a feature film, will be adapted for a video game, filmmaker Christopher Nolan says.

    Culture Briefs

    A New York Times reporter, who has co-authored several fawning articles on the Ground Zero mosque, previously attended a media training program run by the mosque's organizer.

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  • "These people [our elite class] don't think in military ways," she says, "so there's this illusion that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we're just nice and benevolent to everyone, they'll be nice too.

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  • Miss Paglia was talking about our civilization, and I have nothing to add save one caveat.

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