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  • Pioneering CBS Newsman Joseph Wershba dies at 90

    Joseph Wershba, a CBS News producer and reporter whose work on a pivotal 1954 expose on Sen. Joseph McCarthy was the centerpiece of the film "Good Night, and Good Luck" has died. He was 90.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Postmistress'

    This is a wrenching, beautifully written book that contrasts the atmosphere of small-town America in the 1940s with the plight of Europe, a continent being engulfed by the Nazi terror.

British prime minister Winston Churchill on a launch leaving Westminster Pier with American politicians Harry Hopkins, John Winant, and William Bullitt; Labour politician and First Lord of Admiralty A. V. Alexander is to the right.

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Citizens of London'

    More than half a century has passed, and memories have faded, so it is the triumph of this book that the author has so poignantly re-created a time of grim grandeur when the world was shaken by a struggle that encompassed not only the powerful, but, to an extraordinary degree, the ordinary people who lived through it.

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  • He lived with the Blitz and through it, and many years later said his most prized possession was the microphone he used to tell an incredulous world, "This is London."

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  • On the CBS Radio evening news on Oct. 10, 1947, a relatively ordinary night, Edward R. Murrow told a brief story to America of a U.S. Army cargo ship that came into San Francisco that day.

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