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C. Boyden Gray, former special envoy for EU affairs, tells The Washington Times on Thursday that the European Union is "trying to get the world to dance to their tune."

    GRAY: Obama packs D.C. Circuit, threatens political balance

    Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Nina Pillard to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. That party-line vote followed the committee's hearing earlier this month on District Judge Robert Wilkins' nomination to the D.C. Circuit, the committee's party-line vote in favor of Patty Millett's nomination in August, and the Senate's confirmation of the D.C. Circuit's newest judge, Sri Srinivasan, in May. If this sounds like an unusual flurry of activity for one tiny court, that's because President Obama has made tilting the court's political balance a high priority for his second term.

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  • "He has a right to his beliefs, to his thoughts. He has a right to free speech. He doesn't have a right to be an owner of an NBA franchise," said Dr. Harry Edwards, a scholar of race and sports who has worked as a consultant for several professional teams.

    Racist views exile Sterling from the NBA →

  • "We can't remove racism from American society any more than we can remove murder," Edwards said. "But just because we can't remove it, that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight it."

    Racist views exile Sterling from the NBA →

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