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  • **FILE** Rep. Henry A. Waxman, California Democrat (Associated Press)

    'Keep your plan' Obamacare amendment was killed in committee by House Democrats in 2009

    In 2009, a House Republican amendment to the Affordable Care act would have codified into law that Americans who liked their plan could keep it, but the amendment was killed in committee by Democrats, National Review Online reports.

  • Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan Republican, has won 13 elections easily, but he faces a tough primary rematch against his 2010 challenger. (Associated Press)

    Tea partyers down on Upton in Michigan primary

    He chairs one of Capitol Hill's most powerful committees, won his 2010 race with 62 percent of the vote and even boasts a niece who graced Sports Illustrated's swimsuit-edition cover. But all that hasn't saved Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan from a strong Republican primary challenge.

  • **FILE** Solyndra CEO Brian Harrison invokes his Fifth Amendment right as he appears before the House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee on Capitol Hill on Sept. 23, 2011. The panel is examining Solyndra's government loan. (Associated Press)

    Solyndra stays mum at hearing on failed loan deal

    Solar panel maker Solyndra's chief executive traveled to Washington and met with members of Congress.

  • A worker leaves with a moving box Wednesday at Solyndra in Fremont, Calif. The solar-panel manufacturer, which received a $535 million loan from the U.S. government, has announced layoffs of 1,100 workers and plans to file for bankruptcy. A weak economy and strong overseas competition have proved insurmountable. (Associated Press)

    Solyndra executives now planning to invoke the 5th

    Executives at bankrupt Solyndra, which collapsed last month after receiving more than a half-billion dollars in federal loans, plan to refuse to testify in a congressional hearing Friday now that the FBI is investigating the company.

  • LENDER: Jonathan Silver, head of the Energy Department program that approved the $535 million deal for Solyndra in 2009, faced some of the toughest questioning Wednesday by a House investigations subcommittee. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/The Washington Times)

    Administration grilled on Solyndra loan

    Obama administration officials refused to say Wednesday whether anybody would be fired over the decision to award solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra LLC a half-billion dollars in loans before it went bankrupt and saw its headquarters raided by the FBI.

  • FBI agents stand guard outside the headquarters of Solyndra, a solar firm in Fremont, Calif., on Sept. 8, 2011. (Associated Press)

    FBI raids solar panel company hailed by Obama

    FBI agents on Thursday executed search warrants at the California headquarters of Solyndra LLC, which was awarded more than $500 million in federal stimulus loans in 2009 to make solar panels in what the Obama administration called part of an aggressive effort to put more Americans to work and end U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

  • Illustration: Capitol cleanup by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    BARTON: Ten ways to start cleaning up the mess

    The final months of George W. Bush's presidency saw an emboldened Democratic Congress set out, as one pundit put it, to "blacken the skies with subpoenas." The party rained enough furious oversight down on the outgoing administration that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bragged to the Public Broadcasting Service about how "many people have resigned from the executive branch because they've gotten a call from Congress to come in and testify."

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