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  • Idaho war hero enlisted to help find remains

    It's been 45 years since Aberdeen's Leland Sorensen clung to a thin steel cable as he was lowered into the jungle canopy of Southeast Asia. As a member of the elite U.S. Air Force para-rescue jump team, it was his job to drop from a helicopter into hostile territory to rescue downed pilots during the Vietnam War.

  • Lao soldiers and policemen work on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013, at the scene where a Lao Airlines turboprop plane hit hard before skidding into the Mekong River in Pakse, Laos, on Wednesday. The aircraft crashed after running into extremely bad weather conditions; all 49 people on board were killed. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

    Bodies recovered in Mekong River after Laos plane crash

    Rescuers in fishing boats pulled bodies from the muddy Mekong River on Thursday as officials in Laos ruled out finding survivors from a plane that crashed in stormy weather, killing 49 people from 11 countries.

  • Plane crash in Laos kills 44: Thai official

    A Laos Airlines flight crashed Wednesday in the Southeast Asian country, killing all 44 people aboard, an official in neighboring Thailand said.

  • Drug lord and gang plead guilty to killing Chinese sailors

    A drug lord from Myanmar and five of his gang members have pleaded guilty in China to murdering 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River last year and loading nearly 1 million illegal amphetamine pills onto their two cargo ships during a murky smuggling operation.

  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton place flowers at a statue after during a tour of the Ho Phra Keo Temple, in Vientiane, Laos, Wednesday, July 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

    Clinton vows more help to clear Laos of Vietnam War bombs

    Decades after the U.S. gave Laos a horrific distinction as the world's most heavily bombed nation per person, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has pledged to help get rid of millions of unexploded bombs that still pockmark the impoverished country - and still kill.

  • U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, left, and Laotian Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong meet at the Prime Minister's Office in Vientiane, Laos, Wednesday, July 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

    In historic visit, Clinton reaches out to Laos

    Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first U.S. secretary of state to visit Laos in more than five decades, gauging whether a place the United States pummeled with bombs during the Vietnam War could evolve into a new foothold of American influence in Asia.

  • The Washington Times

    HARTWICK: Clinton visit a chance to make up with Laos

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed in Laos Wednesday for a short visit, but a momentous marker of U.S. and Lao relations - the last time an active secretary of state visited Laos was in 1955, when John Foster Dulles arrived in Vientiane, the quaint, sleepy capital of the then newly-independent nation.

  • Calif. Hmong community launches online translator

    When Phong Yang, a Hmong refugee from Laos, landed in California's Central Valley _ via stops in Thailand and France _ he was 14 years old. He learned to speak Hmong from his parents, but today he has a hard time teaching the language to his children, who are distracted by cell phones and computers.

Prisoners at Ayutthaya province prison in central Thailand wade in chest-deep water to board a bus Thursday during an evacuation as storms continue to flood the area. Other countries in Southeast Asia also have endured the worst flooding in 50 years.

    Storms lay siege to Southeast Asia

    Two months of typhoons and heavy monsoon rain have flooded Southeast Asia, killing nearly 500 people and forcing thousands - including prison inmates and hospital patients - to flee. Fresh storms drenched the region Thursday.

  • 20 endangered Siamese crocodiles hatch in Laos

    One of the world's rarest crocodile species has moved a little bit further from extinction with the hatching of 20 wild eggs plucked from a nest found in southern Laos.

  • Largest population of rare gibbon found in Vietnam

    Conservationists listening to a critically endangered primate's morning calls in central Vietnam's mountains heard a surprising response. About 455 animals were counted there based on their calls, making it the largest known population of northern white-cheeked crested gibbons.

A crowd in Concord, N.C., gathers to honor Sgt. 1st Class Donald Shue. Sgt. Shue disappeared in November 1969 while fighting in the Vietnam War, but his remains were only recently repatriated.

    Vietnam-era Green Beret finally has homecoming

    No one had seen Sgt. 1st Class Donald Shue since he was on a mission in Laos during the Vietnam War in November 1969, so his sister was skeptical when Army officials called a few months ago to say his remains had been found.

  • Embassy Row

    Relatives and supporters of three Americans jailed and tortured in Laos are appealing to the Obama administration to put high-level pressure on the communist government for their release.

  • Illustration: Richard Etchberger by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

    ROBBINS: Honoring a secret hero

    Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger died for Lyndon Johnson's sins. On Tuesday, President Obama paid tribute to Etchberger by awarding a posthumous Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry he displayed during a losing battle in a war that officially did not exist.

  • from the cover

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Papa Spy'

    One of the many worries facing Great Britain's leadership in the opening months of World War II was whether Hitler-friendly Francisco Franco, the strongman leader of Spain, would eschew his declared neutrality and enter the war on Germany's side or, as a lesser evil, open his borders to the German military. In either event, the British could lose their naval facility at Gibraltar, vital to protecting access to the western Mediterranean. It is no exaggeration that the outcome of the war depended on keeping Franco neutral.

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