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  • Illustration: Iran by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    SILBER: The mutating al Qaeda threat

    Ten years ago last month, the now-infamous "shoe bomber," Richard Reid, boarded an American Airlines flight bound for Miami from Paris, intending to kill himself and all of the other passengers by detonating an explosive device he had concealed in his shoes. What was unknown at the time is that Reid was not supposed to act alone. Saajid Badat - like Reid a British citizen - was supposed to ignite his own pair of explosive shoes on a different trans-Atlantic flight, but he dropped out in the plot's final stages.

  • Eric H. Holder Jr.

    KUHNER: Duplicity, delivered

    The Obama administration is accusing Republicans of enabling Islamic terrorism. The White House has sent out John Brennan, President Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser, to defend its mishandling of the failed Christmas Day bomber.

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  • At his 2003 sentencing hearing, convicted "shoe bomber" Richard Reid explained his utter lack of remorse. "Your government has sponsored the rape and torture of Muslims in the prisons of Egypt and Turkey and Syria and Jordan with their money and with their weapons. I don't ... see what I have done as being equal to rape and to torture, or to the deaths of the 2 million children in Iraq. So for this reason, I think I ought not to apologize for my actions. I am at war with your country."

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  • He said Mohammed discussed blowing up a U.S.-bound flight or, if that was not possible, a flight over Europe.

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