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  • ** FILE ** People wait under a tree after they were detained by Border Patrol agents on June 25, 2013, at a field in Edinburg, Texas. Agents took into custody 69 people suspected of entering the country illegally. (Associated Press/The Monitor)

    Immigrants account for all job gains since 2000: native-born workers' employment has fallen

    Immigrants — both legal and illegal — have accounted for all of the job gains in the U.S. labor market since 2000, according to a report that highlights the stiff competition for jobs in a tight economy as Congress debates adding more workers to the mix.

  • Data show Hispanics more likely to relate to Democrats

    Stung by their election defeat, Republicans are eager to try to woo Hispanic voters, arguing that once their party puts immigration reform behind them, the ethnic group will be open to the GOP's conservative message.

  • Milagros Rodriguez, from the Dominican Republic, works at her salon, Woodside Beauty Salon in Queens, N.Y. A study says two-thirds of job growth since 2009 has been among immigrants. (Associated Press)

    Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama's four years

    Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years.

  • Slow path to progress for U.S. immigrants

    Immigrants lag behind native-born Americans on most measures of economic well-being — even those who have been in the U.S. the longest, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, which argues that full assimilation is a more complex task than overcoming language or cultural differences.

Gonzalo Hernandez stands outside a Scottsdale, Ariz., resort Monday protesting GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who was speaking inside, and Arizona's immigration law, a key part of which was upheld by the Supreme Court.

    Arizona ruling seen giving Romney opening

    The fallout from the Supreme Court's split decision this week on Arizona's tough immigration law could give GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his party a fresh opportunity to reframe the immigration debate and cut into President Obama's huge lead among Hispanic voters, experts say.

  • agence france-presse/getty images **FILE**
The Obama administration's support for an electronic verification system and tougher enforcement of immigration laws brought picketers out to an appearance in New York by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

    Obama aide clashes with immigrant groups

    President Obama's new director of Citizenship and Immigration Services on Monday defended the accuracy of E-Verify, the government's electronic verification system for workers.

  • **FILE** Illegal immigrants from Mexico wait  in a holding area in El Paso, Texas, in May 2008. (Associated Press)

    Illegals figure drops by 11%

    The Department of Homeland Security is claiming success after an independent study released Wednesday argued that stepped-up enforcement efforts have reduced the illegal immigrant population by 11 percent since August.

  • Illegal population shrinking

    Crackdowns on illegal immigrants are showing results.

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