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  • Marriage retreat may have hit bottom, with comeback on the way

    Demographic and cultural signs indicate that the marriage rate, down 50 percent since the 1970s, may be ready to climb again, just as nonmarital childbearing may be dropping, as well.

  • Report: Cohabitation a threat to child welfare

    Cohabiting is an emerging threat to the health of children and society, two new research reports say.

  • Cheryl Wetzstein

    WETZSTEIN: 'Marshall Plan' for marriage gap

    For at least a generation, marriage and family cohesion have been unraveling in America's low-income families. Now this rending of family ties is spreading into America's middle class, the home of hard-working, blue-collar, service-industry people who graduated from high school but didn't quite land that college degree.

  • 'Faith gap' seen among married

    In addition to an "education gap" in marriage, there is also a "faith gap," says the new State of Our Unions report on marriage.

  • **FILE** Silk flowers and wedding-planning guides are among the items available at St. Anthony's Bridal in Bethesda, a one-stop lending shop for engaged couples. (The Washington Times)

    Hopeless romantics yearn for soul mates

    Fully two-thirds of Americans believe in the concept of soul mates, where "two people are destined to be together," according to a recent Marist Poll.

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