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Advertising Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions




Agency commission of 15%.


Contract & Copy Regulations


    1. The Washington Times may, at its sole discretion, edit, classify, or reject any advertising copy. The Washington Times also reserves the right to cancel any ads at any time.


    1. All positions are at the publisher’s option.


    1. The advertiser assumes liability for all content of advertisements and assumes responsibility for any claims arising from content published in The Washington Times including costs associated with defending against such claims.


    1. Adjustments are made only if an error materially alters the effectiveness of the ad and only for the actual space occupied by the error. Any claim for allowance must be made within 15 days after insertion. No adjustments will be made for position when an ad is properly classified.


    1. The Washington Times takes responsibility for errors for the first day of publication. Corrections to any additional insertions are the responsibility of the advertiser.


    1. In the event that an advertisement is omitted, The Washington Times shall not be held liable.


    1. The Washington Times reserves the right to revise all ad rates at any time; 30 days notice shall be given to contract advertisers.


    1. Unfulfilled contracts will be rebilled to reflect actual rate earned.


    1. No representative of The Washington Times is authorized to make any oral modifications to the rates and regulations contained herein.


    1. Acceptance and publication of advertising does not constitute an extension of credit to advertiser or agency by The Washington Times and we may at any time and at our option, require an advertiser and/or agency to pay in advance for all advertising purchased.


    1. If payment of any statement or statements has not been made as provided above, The Washington Times may, at its option, without waiving any other rights, do any or all of the following: (a) require advertiser and/or agency to arrange for special credit terms; (b) refuse to accept any further advertising until all past due payments are made; and (c) refuse to publish advertising.


  1. The current rate card cancels and supersedes all previous rate cards.