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ISTOOK: Even prayer not safe from the courts, regulators

Public prayer is a right of the American people, doubly-protected by free speech and free exercise of religion under our First Amendment. Sadly, our courts don't agree. And bureaucrats such as in the Veterans Administration don't seem to agree, either. They try to regulate it.

ISTOOK: Bureaucracy doesn't just hurt — it kills

Government death panels weren't invented by Obamacare. By hiding a list of 1,600 veterans waiting to see doctors in Phoenix, the Department of Veterans Affairs is accused of 40 deaths of those who died for lack of care. Keeping them off the official list concealed the backlog and made VA bureaucrats look better and qualify for bonuses.

ISTOOK: Obamacare: One small step against diversity?

Why doesn’t government dictate just one style of everything and “simplify” the rest of our lives like it does with health care? If Obamacare is supposed to save us from substandard insurance, shouldn’t Obamacars save us from substandard automobiles? And Obamacurs would make sure we have the best breed of dog.

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Associated Press) ** FILE **

ISTOOK: It's morning in Moscow, is it midnight in America?

Vladimir Putin wants to be Russia's Ronald Reagan. It's morning in Moscow, a vibrant new dawn of growth, pride and prestige—that was the Russian President's message Tuesday as he announced the annexation of Crimea.