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ISTOOK: Finally! FDA about to act on breath mint label regulation

Perhaps some study has concluded that consuming high-calorie breath mints is a leading cause of big stomachs. That's probably why the Center for Science in the Public Interest weighed in with comments complaining that people consume more numbers of small items than of large items and therefore may lose track of calories.

ISTOOK: Ruling thwarts Obama's attack on the profit motive

Hobby Lobby's court case was as much about economic freedom as religious freedom, which is why news stories always mention that Hobby Lobby is a for-profit company. Only those willing to denounce profits get considered for more-favored treatment under Obamacare. It's part of Mr. Obama's constant attack on free enterprise. Non-profits: good. For-profits: bad.

ISTOOK: Feds say no to 'Redskins,' but fail to protect us Transylvanians

Federal bureaucrats are playing favorites again. Protecting people against assault, rape and robbery makes sense. But today's government bureaucrats also regulate to protect the masses from getting their feelings hurt. Or at least some of them, selectively. That's the only explanation for why bureaucrats are saying no to the term "Redskins" while we Transylvanians remain fair game for disparagement.

ISTOOK: Media swallow Obama's line on student loan 'rules'

Did President Obama truly change the rules this week, bypassing Congress to grant amnesty on student loan payments for millions of students and graduates? Or is he only acting like he did, setting up a fawning media to proclaim his compassion for those caught between student debt and the scarcity of good jobs?