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DC public employee salaries, 2011

Not long after taking office as mayor in 1979, Marion Barry presided over a hiring spree that swelled the District's government dramatically, creating positions that even at the time, some observers doubted were necessary. Three decades later, thousands of those same hires are still there--and now at the peak of possible seniority.

As a result, the median salary for an executive assistant is $72,000, with one in ten making $90,000 or more, and the highest-paid making $110,000, a Washington Times analysis of tax records found. Payroll for the District's 33,400 employees has swelled under the strain of a disproportionately aged workforce that includes thousands of low-level workers who are making salaries commensurate with many years of experience.

These figures for 2011 don't include overtime and other mechanisms used to dramatically boost take-home pay. Search by name or position by typing in the boxes at the top of those columns and sort by salary or year of hire to find out how much any D.C. public employee is making.

Read the STORY and check out ANALYSIS: Salary ranges by position and GRAPHIC: Hire date of active workforce by year, 2008-2011.