- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Andy on Africa

“Busy bemoaning the existence of such societal blights as cotton balls in vitamin bottles, Andy Rooney must have missed this memo from the international development elite: we no longer speak in public of the need to reduce the number of brown and black and yellow people in the world (everyone is so sensitive). …

“How else to explain Rooney’s July 16 syndicated column, filled with white man’s burden-style racism … . In his column, Rooney rails against Africans, because ‘Too many Africans are behaving as if they don’t know or don’t care what produces babies.’ Are blacks too stupid or too passionate? It seems Rooney can’t decide. …

“Warming to his subject, Rooney shows how to teach Africans the proper lesson: ‘Most aid money goes for such essentials as food, clothing and housing. I’d like to see more of it spent on reducing the number of Africans we’re trying to feed. Their biggest problem is not a shortage of food, but a proliferation of people.’ In fact, ‘birth control information and condoms should be handed out before the food.’

“This, presumably, would constitute a real international aid bargain, since the number of Africans would be reduced both by fewer births and by more deaths (through starvation).”

—Doug Sylva, writing on “Rooney’s Racist Rant Fails To Amuse,” July 25 in The Fact Is at www.thefactis.org

Hollywood tantrums

“Over the past decade or so, Hollywood screaming has evolved into something really rich and strange. It may have been around the time that snack-loving producer Scott Rudin programmed the digital readout on his office phone system to inform his assistant ‘String cheese NOW!’ at the push of a single button that showbiz screaming entered the 21st century.

“A master of the modern form, like Oliver Stone, evidently doesn’t even need to raise his voice (although, of course, he often does) to keep his staff walking on eggshells, nervously wondering what kind of a mood ‘Mr. Stone’ is in today. … Associates have reported that Stone is particularly good at playing his I-saw-action-in-‘Nam-so-don’t-mess-with-me trump card. … Favorite screamed phrase: ‘Move!’ …

“Behind the New Age grin of beatific self-righteousness with which so many Hollywood celebrities greet the world often lurks a tantrum ready to erupt.”

—Catherine Seipp, writing on “California Screaming,” Aug. 2 in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com

‘Make no mistake’

“The people that want embryonic stem-cell research want to be able to create embryos so they can destroy them so they can do the research. The dirty little secret here … is that the advocates of stem-cell research are on the same side of the page as the pro-abortion crowd. …

“For these people, stem-cell research is not about stem-cell research, it’s about making sure that abortion keeps happening. Because if you can get people to go along with destroying perfectly fine embryos, the only way you can do that is to abort a fetus. …

“The left knows it’s losing when it comes to the moral and ethical questions involving abortion. They’re losing ground, they’re losing public support on this, and that’s why the Supreme Court nomination is so crucial to them … and so stem-cell research is taking over as the lead item while the hidden agenda is pro-abortion. …

“Whatever they can find to legitimize it — and what better way than to come off with the stem-cell research business oriented toward saving lives as their means of actually promoting abortion? Make no mistake, that’s what this is about.”

—Rush Limbaugh, speaking Aug. 1 on his nationally syndicated radio program



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