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“What’s hot for 2007 among the very rich? A $7.3 million diamond ring. Safari in Tanzania. Oh, and income inequality.

“Sure, some leftish, Democratic-leaning billionaires like George Soros have been railing against income inequality for years. But increasingly, centrist and right-wing billionaires are starting to fret about income inequality and the fate of the middle class. …

“The very rich are just as trendy as you and I, and can be so when it comes to politics and policy. As they jet off to Davos, the world’s magnates will all be talking about how they’re managing to offset the emissions created by their G-IVs. Given the recent change of control in Congress, the popularity of measures like increasing the minimum wage, and efforts by California’s Republican governor to offer universal health care, these guys don’t need their own personal weathermen to know which way the wind blows. …

“[I]f middle-class Americans continue to struggle financially as the ultrawealthy grow ever wealthier, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain political support for the free flow of goods, services, and capital across borders. In addition to Lou Dobbs Democrats, we’ll have more Lou Dobbs Republicans. And when the United States places obstacles in the way of foreign investors and foreign goods, it’s likely to encourage reciprocal action abroad. For people who buy and sell companies, or who allocate capital to markets all around the world, that’s the real nightmare.”

— Daniel Gross, writing on “Plutocrats of the People,” Friday in Slate at www.slate.com

‘If we just keep up’

“More young adults and high school students are pro-life than ever before. The accumulating weight of serious medical studies details the truth conclusively that abortion, in addition to killing her unborn child, is harmful to the woman who subjects herself to it. …

“Ultimately, the realization that the radical ideology behind the abortion industry is bankrupt morally, culturally, economically, and spiritually will lead to the collapse of the current abortion regime, just as surely as the deadly decay and false reality of Marxism led to the fall of the Soviet Union. All this is the good news if we just keep up the struggle.”

— Nikolas T. Nikas, writing on “The Young Battle for Life,” Monday in National Review Online at www.nationalreview.com


“[T]he movie ‘Hounddog,’ starring Dakota Fanning, [premiered Monday] at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie tells the story of a sexually and physically abused young girl who becomes sexually promiscuous.

“Her mother insists that her ‘gritty performance’ will win her an Oscar. …

“During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the entertainment industry understood the value of a star’s reputation. Especially young stars like Shirley Temple and Elizabeth Taylor. Good wholesome young stars were groomed to appear that way in every movie so that they would be seen as celebrities that moviegoers would admire and want to see again and again. Now, Hollywood chews them up and spits them out like the used prostitutes on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. or the streets of Bangkok. This is reprehensible.”

— Ted Baehr, writing on ” ‘Hounddog’: Fanning the flames of perversion,” Monday in WorldNetDaily at www.worldnetdaily.com

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