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This may not be the end, but I think I can see it from here. Ever so hesitatingly and oh so painfully, I hate to admit that I am beginning to wonder why Americans even bother to vote anymore on controversial issues. If the America-hating liberals, socialists and Marxists in charge don’t like the outcome of a decision by “we the people,” they either sue and get a black-robed, leftist federal judge to declare the results unconstitutional or they get the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to sue for them. Hey, if you can’t beat us at the polls, take us to court or sue us in the bizarro world of the corrupt American anti-justice court system. Freedom for sale at what price?

The will of the American people is being whittled away in federal courthouses across America. Now it’s the will of a federal judge or the threat of a costly lawsuit that charts the course for America. When liberals can’t win at the polls, they simply tie up the results in court for years, thereby usurping the will of the American people. What Saul Alinsky rule for radicals does this devilish anti-American ploy fall under?

Federal Judge Susan Bolton erroneously waded into Arizona’s new immigration law to put a stop to that state’s move to implement its new, common-sense law. Oh, wait; it wasn’t new, and it’s not Arizona’s law. It merely demands enforcement of existing law. Weird, that.

Federal case law, including a Supreme Court decision, runs counter to Judge Bolton’s politically inspired decision.

Arizona should go about its business of implementing its new law and ignore Judge Bolton’s activist, legally dumb and meritless decision. Other states should follow Arizona’s lead and pass similar legislation.

Unlike the leftist spin emanating from Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the tremendously stupid ruling by Judge Bolton, Arizona’s law does not define U.S. citizenship. All it does is define what Arizona cops are to do when they apprehend someone who is not in the country legally.

When someone gets pulled over by a police officer or gets arrested, it is proper police procedure to ask for identification. No one of goodwill can possibly dispute that common-sense police procedure. And that’s all Arizona’s new law basically states.

So let me try to understand what the opponents of Arizona’s law want: If a cop pulls someone over for speeding, the cops are not to ask for identification? Or if they do ask for identification and the speeder cannot produce identification or has identification from another country, the cop should turn a blind eye and send the speeder on his merry way? This, of course, is Three Stooges logic.

Let’s break Arizona’s law down a bit further so even legal dolts like Judge Bolton and Mr. Holder can understand it. Let’s say I come to your town armed with an outrageous band of hard-core rock ‘n’ roll, over-the-top rhythm-and-blues maniacs. In order to get some of this sonic-outrage fun, you need to have a ticket to get in the door. Those who attempt to sneak into the concert, print fake tickets or foolishly bring the wrong ticket to the concert are tossed out by security. Only an out-of-touch Fedzillacrat could possibly find fault with this.

However, when it comes to Fedzilla, don’t bet on common sense. In fact, I won’t be surprised if common sense is found to be unconstitutional at some point by a leftist federal judge who cares more about politics than exercising judicial restraint and allowing the will of the people to carry the day.

And while Judge Bolton’s blunder was making center stage in the media, the community of Fremont, Neb., backed away from enforcing its new, overtly common-sensical immigration ordinance after lawsuits against the ordinance were filed by, you guessed it, the ACLU and the Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund. Both said Fremont’s ordinances were discriminatory and sought preliminary injunctions against Fremont, which would enforce the ban while the lawsuits flowed more slowly than frozen molasses through our lethargic legal system.

Alinsky would be proud. The Founding Fathers would weep. Davy Crockett would shoot somebody.

I support basic human rights. If an illegal person is here and is apprehended, he or she should be treated with basic human rights. But there is a big difference between being treated humanely and being given the same legal status as a U.S. citizen when you are not.

People in the United States illegally are not U.S. citizens and therefore are not due protection under the same laws as legal citizens. U.S. laws are passed for U.S. citizens, not people who are here illegally. This is Common Sense 101 and is why the overwhelming majority of Americans support Arizona’s immigration law.

That this needs to be stated is an indictment of the increasing mindlessness of an increasing population of weird, illogical people. It’s a damn shame, really.

America is slowly being remade into an image of the socialists’ and Marxists’ desires. This is being done by judges legislating from the bench and leftist organizations such as the ACLU firing lawsuit salvos against the American people and thereby usurping the will of the American people.

The president should write a book titled, say, “Dreams of My Father.” Nah.

The Founding Fathers made a bad decision when they determined that federal judges should serve for life. Of course, they surely never thought some federal judges would care more about politics than interpreting law. No federal official should be appointed for life.

My hero, Rosa Parks, refused to give up her seat on a bus, thereby spitting in the face of racist and dumb laws. Good for her. That’s the American spirit of defiance that guides my life. I recommend that Arizona follow Parks’ trail and go about enforcing their new law anyway.

To do otherwise would be to embrace Judge Bolton’s legally stupid and politically motivated decision.

Send a message, Arizona, and America will follow. Refuse to get out of your seat and sit at the back of the bus. Let’s get it on.

Ted Nugent is an unstoppable American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is author of “Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns and Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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