- The Washington Times - Monday, December 13, 2010


Our Founding Fathers took great lengths to establish in our Constitution a revolutionary guide that would ensure the American people had a voice. Three separate but equal branches of government were formed to prevent tyranny. Leaders were elected to represent the will of the people. It was a novel, great concept.

So what happened to the people’s will when the Supreme Court ruled in the 1962 case Engel v. Vitale? The issue in the case was that a few families in New York objected to school prayer. Although the majority of Americans had no problem with prayer, the court dictated that no public school prayer would be allowed anywhere in America.

Today, the same thing is happening with same-sex “marriage.” The majority of Californians voted in Proposition 8 that only opposite-sex marriage be recognized by the state, yet the court is attempting to overturn the people’s choice in favor of same-sex unions.

The Founding Fathers put their lives, property and honor at risk so the will of the people would not be determined by tyrants or extremists. The American Civil Liberties Union and many in our courts are slowly eroding the rights for which men like Washington, Franklin and Adams sacrificed. What a shame that a country formed as “we the people” now succumbs to the very tyranny our Founders sought to resist.


Anniston, Ala.



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