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Let the hand-wringing begin. Though Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have announced a separation rather than a divorce after four decades of marriage, much of the press already has ramped up the tragedy. Hey, maybe they’ll get back together. Or, maybe not. Still, many journalists already are in mourning over the loss of the “storybook couple,” with a few daring ancillary stories drawing attention to Mr. Gore’s impending single status and the couple’s division of property.

Which brings us to business writer and Anxiety Institute founder Alan Caruba, who believes the “separation” is a ruse to protect those assets should there be a federal investigation of certain environmentally minded activities. Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, already has called for the Justice Department to have a look-see.

“Al Gores big, big problem these days is something dubbed ‘Climategate,’ the revelation that the science of global warming is entirely fabricated and utterly false,” Mr. Caruba says, noting that Mr. Gore established the $1 billion Generation Investment Management LLP to invest in assorted green technologies, assisted by Goldman Sachs veteran David Blood.

“There was, Mr. Gore told everyone, a climate crisis, and in the process, he grew rich, hailed [as] the first ‘carbon billionaire’ for his various investments,” Mr. Caruba continues. “As bad as the bursting of the housing bubble has been, the next bubble will be a very green one. And, at the heart of it will be the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, and his partner in crime, the U.N. climate change program.

“If Al Gore and Tipper are legally separated, it will likely provide a measure of protection for the millions he has. This, I suggest, is probably the real reason for the separation. It is as coldly calculated as his global-warming lies. Even their forty-year marriage must be sacrificed,” Mr. Caruba says.


Not here, they say. “Tea party” members and local Republican congressional candidates Michael Faulkner, Dan Maloney and Gary Berntsen are among those vexed by plans for a mosque to be built near ground zero in Manhattan. A protest is on the way. Stop Islamization of America, a “human rights group,” has organized a rally with the Staten Island Tea Party, 9/11 Families, Veterans Against Jihad, the Freedom Defense Initiative, No Mosque at Ground Zero and a dozen other groups to be staged near the proposed mosque site at high noon on Saturday.

“Ground zero is a war memorial and a burial ground, and it is insulting, inappropriate and demeaning to put a mosque there. We’re not advocating the government step in. We don’t want to get complicated. We’re hoping that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and others will withdraw their plans for the mosque in the interests of mutual understanding and respect. And I think there are many Muslims of conscience who would agree with us,” organizer Pamela Geller tells Inside the Beltway.

“Historically, mosques were built on cherished ground. This particular ground has a piece of aircraft fuselage in it,” Ms. Geller adds. “An image of the burning Twin Towers has become an icon among Islamists, found on their shirts and such. We don’t want the image of a big mosque at ground zero to become another icon.”


Yes, we give him credit. President Obama appeared at a White House press conference with all the trimmings last week. Hurray. But here comes yet another one of those frequent “exclusives” that have become a fixture of his presidency. Mr. Obama “talks exclusively to Larry King about the latest updates regarding the Gulf oil spill and news of the day, in an interview at the White House,” CNN tells the Beltway.


Thursday: The first scheduled press conference by the new supergroup Citizens Against Religious Bigotry, to condemn Comedy Central’s “JC,” a cartoon show about Jesus Christ living the urbane life in Manhattan.

Manned by: Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell, Parents Television Council President Tim Winter , Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Catholic League President Bill Donohue, American Alliance of Jews and Christians President Rabbi Daniel Lapin and talk-radio host Michael Medved.

Prediction: Look out.


So many distractions - the BP oil spill, Elena Kagan, the economy. And then there’s health care. That battlefield is still manned by those who want to keep health care decisions between patients and their doctors.

“The Obama health care plan will devastate both patients and physicians,” warns Dr. C.L. Gray, president of the nonprofit Physicians for Reform. “Excessive governmental intrusion will lower quality of health care, drive doctors away from Medicare - and the added layers of inefficiency will cause some physicians to abandon medicine altogether. Congress can turn off the switch by not funding the massive bureaucracy needed to oversee implementation of the law.”

He has readied a petition calling for a repeal of the health care law. It also calls for an end to “abusive” medical litigation, plus tax credits to help uninsured people purchase private insurance, among other issues. Take a peek here: www.physiciansforreform.org.


46 percent of U.S. voters say the “tea party” is good for the country, 31 percent say it is bad.

41 percent have a favorable view of the tea-party movement, 35 percent have an unfavorable view, 23 percent are not sure.

70 percent of Republicans look on the tea party favorably.

66 percent of Democrats look on it unfavorably.

27 percent of voters say they are likely to attend a tea-party rally.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted May 28-29.

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