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The news media has been busy fomenting public panic and alarm over the coronavirus, and throwing in Trump bashing for good measure. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Media peddles coronavirus panic, indulges in Trump bashing

- The Washington Times

The trajectory of the coronavirus is still uncertain worldwide as health advisors and medical experts assess the situation, nation by nation. The news media, however, is poised for panic, fear and alarm -- and armed with adjectives, agenda and some inevitable Trump bashing.

President Trump has some strong support. A poll finds that devout Catholics take his side, including devout Hispanic Catholics. (Associated Press)

Power: Devout Catholics side with Trump

- The Washington Times

President Trump has many friends in the evangelical community. There is faith elsewhere, however. Some of Mr. Trump's biggest fans are devout Catholics, while his support in the greater Catholic community is also on a steady rise, says a new and succinct voter poll.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders greets his fans at a recent election rally in New Hampshire. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Bernie Sanders is starting to frighten Democratic leadership

- The Washington Times

It is a nightmare scenario for the Democratic leadership. A significant poll now reveals that Democratic voters are enthusiastically embracing Sen. Bernard Sanders' feel-good populist pitch and skipping all the socialism scare fare from his critics. Perhaps Sanders voters pine to feel the same joy and exuberance that Trump voters felt back in 2016. Perhaps not.

Indian folk dancers rehearse before a billboard featuring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. (Associated Press)

India greets Trump with 14-mile motorcade

- The Washington Times

The news media is not particularly thrilled with the idea that President Trump's first state visit to India is expected to be a joyous one. The coverage is rife with talk about optics and spectacle among journalists who can't seem to get over the fact that the visit celebrates "shared values, and strategic and economic interests" between the two nations, according to the White House. The press is not thrilled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has organized a mammoth, 14-mile motorcade for the occasion that has earned its own hashtag: #BiggestRoadShowEver."

FILE - In this Jan. 27, 2020, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to supporters at a campaign office, Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, in Scarborough, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Bloomberg declares Trump the 'winner' of the Democratic debate

- The Washington Times

Over the years, presidential hopeful Sen. Bernard Sanders has often said he is a "democratic socialist." In recent days, the Vermont lawmaker has retooled that description, telling National Public Radio that his version of democratic socialism simply means a "vibrant democracy." More importantly, Mr. Sanders currently enjoys lead status in the race; multiple polls consistently put him in first place — prompting some observers to explore the greater implications.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders greets his fans during a recent campaign rally in Texas. (Associated Press)

Voters mystified: Is there a difference between socialism and democratic socialism?

- The Washington Times

Add "democratic" to "socialism" and presto — a tidy rallying cry emerges for Sen. Bernard Sanders, now leading the Democratic field in the presidential race. In his world, socialism is transformed into a family-style activity with free stuff for all and good feelings all around. The candidate, in fact, has called his democratic socialism a "vibrant democracy" in several interviews.

President Trump's campaign rallies have evolved to the point that he plans to continue hosting them, even if he wins in November. (Associated Press)

Dazzling Trump rallies reach a new level

- The Washington Times

President Trump's trademark campaign rallies have evolved into a kind of fine art, and a very effective art at that. They are frequent; Mr. Trump has back-to-back rallies coming up in Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas and Charlotte, North Carolina — and they will likely continue beyond campaign season.

The public is not pleased by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to tear up her copy of President Trump's State of the Union address. (Associated Press)

Update: Public frowns on Pelosi speech antics

- The Washington Times

Yes, Madame Speaker, they noticed. The public has not quite forgotten about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent decision to strategically tear up a copy of President Trump's State of the Union address shortly after it ended, and while the news cameras were rolling.

A major pollster found that 61% of Americans say they're better off than they were three years ago. And 62% give President Trump a "great deal or fair amount of credit for improvement in the state of the economy." (Associated Press)

Record ratings: Americans 'better off' in Trump era

- The Washington Times

The good news continues. Once again, a major pollster cuts to the chase about American life during President Trump's time in office. Things are good in the Trump era — better than they have been in almost three decades, in fact.

Pollsters and analysts suggest President Trump could win the 2020 election because he has hard-won victories under his belt. (Associated Press)

The Democratic Party's anti-Trump strategy is backfiring

- The Washington Times

The Iowa presidential primary is done, the New Hampshire primary is underway. Well, let's see. Does the liberal media seems more shrill than usual? Has the nonstop criticism of President Trump intensified? Well, yes. And there's a reason for that.

Between campaigning, a rally and an election, New Hampshire is currently the center of the American political universe. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Forget Iowa: New Hampshire has its big moment

- The Washington Times

New Hampshire is the undisputed center of the political universe for the next 48 hours: President Trump journeys to the Granite State on Monday for a jumbo campaign rally, and Vice President Mike Pence hosts a "Cops for Trump" event just down the road. The state's trademark first-in-the-nation presidential primary follows on Tuesday. Citizens and officials alike are stoked -- and determined to stage a picture perfect voting process, in contrast to Iowa's recent caucus confusion.

Sen. Mitt Romney is being billed as the leader of the "Republican resistance" according to some news organizations. (Associated Press)

Mitt media: Romney gets the hero treatment

- The Washington Times

The news media has rushed to Sen. Mitt Romney's side after he emerged as the sole Republican who sided with Democrats in their efforts to impeach President Trump. The Utah lawmaker and former presidential hopeful — who choked up upon revealing his renegade decision — is getting lots of press.

Yay: More excellent economic news

- The Washington Times

A major pollster reported this week that President Trump is currently enjoying the highest favorability ratings of his presidency. Now that same pollster has good news for the citizenry as well.

Consistent positive polling about President Trump would suggest that the greater American public is beginning to warm to his message. (Associated Press)

America just about ready to board the Trump Train

- The Washington Times

A major pollster has timely news for the White House which reveals record-breaking favorability numbers for President Trump, part of an ongoing sweep of positive findings that suggests the public is finally warming to the president's intent to make - and keep - America great.

Transhumanist, futurist, independent GOP independent presidential hopeful Zoltan Istvan says he's gotten an unexpectedly warm reception in Iowa. (Zoltan Istvan)

Iowa smiles upon Transhumanist presidential candidate

- The Washington Times

Welcome to the premier bout of the 2020 election. The Iowa caucuses have fired up and will draw 24 hours of intense attention as Democratic hopefuls strut their stuff and Republicans nod serenely. Then there are the independent candidates, who also have news. Transhumanist, futurist, tech-centric, independent GOP presidential hopeful Zoltan Istvan - whose campaign motto is "Upgrade America" - reports that things are not quite as chilly in Iowa as he expected them to be.