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The Susan B. Anthony List says President Trump has done more for unborn children and their mothers than any previous president. (Associated Press)

Pro-life voters step up to help Trump

- The Washington Times

President Trump is winning accolades and vows of loyalty from a major pro-life group, which says he has gone further to help unborn children and their mothers than any president before him.

Hillary Clinton fans watch results on election night 2016. Democrats are unnerved at the prospect of another Trump victory, a poll found. (Associated Press)

Jittery: 55% of Democrats already alarmed over a Trump victory in 2020

- The Washington Times

When Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016, many Democrats wept openly, particularly those who were in the audience at Mrs. Clinton's election night rally as the news broke. Similar emotions are already percolating. Blame it on nonstop alarmist coverage of the news media, perhaps, but some voters already are poised to quake, shake, or cry over the very real prospect that President Trump could win in 2020.

President Trump's masterful showmanship has played out powerfully on the global stage, particularly when he goes off script or off message. (Associated Press)

'Branding genius': A strategic President Trump shapes his own campaign

- The Washington Times

President Trump's rivals don't know whether to laugh or cry when he goes off script or off message to brilliant effect. They cry, most likely — because Mr. Trump is a strategically minded, master showman who wins most every round in the public arena, whether he is responding to a partisan attack or creating a handy new phrase or motto for his 2020 campaign.

The U.S. Census Bureau and the citizenship question for the 2020 census continue to spark many discussions. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

The fate of the census citizenship question

- The Washington Times

The U.S. Census Bureau has revealed it will be embarking on a "test" this week with a specific purpose. Some 480,000 households across the nation will receive a questionnaire "testing the operational effects of including a citizenship question on the 2020 census."

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Majority of women still charmed by socialism

- The Washington Times

Socialism still intrigues the public: 4 in 10 Americans say they would prefer living in a socialist country over a capitalist one, according to a new poll conducted by Harris for "Axios on HBO," a news series. Gallup and other major pollsters have had similar findings in recent days. This one gets down to some gritty details, however.

Fox News' Sean Hannity topped the list of the nation's "most important" radio hosts, according to Talkers Magazine. (Associated Press)

Hannity ranked No. 1 among the Top 100 talk radio gods

- The Washington Times

America plays host to several thousand talk-radio hosts. But Talkers Magazine, a leading industry source, has winnowed down that list and revealed its Heavy Hundred -- the 100 "most important radio talk show hosts in America," the news organization says.

Showman: Trump upstages the Democrats

- The Washington Times

We already know that the Democratic presidential debates begin on June 26 in Miami. The Sunshine State, however, is a very busy place. President Trump has completely upstaged the rival party, and in no uncertain terms. He will be announcing his formal bid for reelection to the White House in Florida — over a week earlier, at what the president deems a "historic rally."

A nonpartisan news organization has suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, should run for president. (Associated Press)

Expect the unexpected: Pelosi for president

- The Washington Times

Not long ago, an editorial published The New York Sun suggested that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should run for mayor of New York City. Now comes several suggestions that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should run for president — this according to Election Central, a nonpartisan news organization which cited multiple press reports centered on Mrs. Pelosi entering the White House race.

Country music legend Charlie Daniels has much to say about observing Memorial Day in his column for (Webster PR)

Some clarity: Charlie Daniels explains Memorial Day

- The Washington Times

Yes, there are some out there who remember that Memorial Day is not a symbol for mattress sales and backyard barbecues alone. Country music great Charlie Daniels recalls praying for the troops as a boy during World War II in a church "packed to the rafters."

Out of the past: A scene from the tea party Tax Payer's March on Washington on Sept. 12, 2009, to protest tax-and-spend programs. (Associated Press)

Tea Party: Still fiercely loyal to Trump

- The Washington Times

Some of you may remember that the conservative tea party was founded in 2009 after CNBC analyst Rick Santelli offered an unprecedented, on-camera rant from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, railing against the Obama administration and calling for the formation of a new "tea party." Grassroots folks took the cue and a movement was born - complete with such very active organizers as the Tea Party Patriots, and Tea Party Express. With their good cheer, enthusiasm and devotion to founding principles, the tea party outreach proved so compelling and successful that some progressive groups even tried to emulate their tactics.

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, gives a speech during a recent campaign rally in Philadelphia. (Associated Press)

The political peril of impeachment chatter

- The Washington Times

Democratic presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden has tried very hard in recent weeks to MAGA-fy his campaign by playing off President Trump's enormously successful "Make America Great Again" motto - universally recognized by the acronym "MAGA," now emblazoned on a million red baseball caps, this according to a recent advisory from Mr. Trump's campaign.