- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I enjoy immensely the regular columns your fine paper is running from “the gonzo guitarist,” Ted Nugent. The rhetorical question inherent in the first couple of paragraphs of the treatise titled, “Don’t ask, don’t care” (Commentary, Wednesday) is easily understood (at least by me) as to why we allow evil to flourish.

Our political system has since the beginning of the 20th century been infested by progressives/liberals. They have such an overblown view of their own intellectual prowess that they believe they can analyze and solve for all eternity any problem, no matter how far outside their control it is. Every problem is “complex” requiring lots of study, and if there is failure on their part, they blame outside forces for upsetting the delicate balance they are trying to attain as a part of their “fix.” Any proposed approach that is simple and straightforward is denigrated as “simplistic” and unrealistic.

These progressives/liberals exist in a world where there is nothing but gray - no black and white choices - and thus, no real hope of fixing anything. All failures are because bad people don’t want to give the progressives control to enact their agenda. Were we to give them as much control as they have struggled to grab, we would look a lot like mainland China, which has had, despite its total control over the population, a series of stabbings rocking their little utopia.

That is how well government control works. In order to get a very safe society, one must give up liberty - in massive amounts. Even then, one can never truly be safe.


Bowie, Md.

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