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Frank Perley

Frank Perley

Frank Perley is senior editor for opinion. Joining the newspaper at its inception in 1982, he served as a reporter covering Fairfax County, Va., and Prince George’s County, Md., and as an assistant editor for the national news desk. For the past 18 years, he served on the staff for opinion, where he has written articles, editorials and book reviews. He has received awards from the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association.

Mr. Perley has a bachelor of arts degree in English from Ithaca College and a master of arts degree in religious studies from the Unification Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Marianne, live with their three sons in Northern Virginia.


Articles by Frank Perley

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Courtesy H.S.A.-U.W.C.

U.S. held special place for Rev. Moon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon both credited America for saving his life during the Korean War, and maintained a belief that one of the reasons he was spared was to awaken America to its God-given destiny. Published September 3, 2012

Illustration: Beyond nuclear power

PERLEY: Nuclear future beyond Japan

Just as Japan's earthquake raises fears of catastrophe from a nuclear meltdown and Mideast turmoil jeopardizes the world's supply of conventional energy, along comes word of a possible scientific breakthrough that holds out the hope of cheap, abundant power. Cold fusion - discredited and vilified in the past - is back in the news. The potential benefits are great enough that, despite past failures, the technology deserves a fair hearing from the scientific community this time. Published March 17, 2011

Workers walk along a line of barges anchored in Pass Abel on the coast of Louisiana near Grand Isle, La., Monday, June 21, 2010. When completed, the barges, which will be lined up end-to-end, are expected to serve as a barrier against oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill from entering Barataria Bay. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

PERLEY: Oil workers get drilled

Compensation checks are on the way to many Gulf Coast residents who are suffering financial loss as a result of the BP oil spill, but those who are taking a financial hit because of President Obama's subsequent moratorium on deep-water oil drilling are not so fortunate. As judgments are made on which types of businesses receive life-sustaining checks, the president's thumb is tipping the scales against workers dependent on the oil industry. Published August 25, 2010

Illustration: Sustainable by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

PERLEY: ‘Sustainable’ tops the web

Suddenly, "sustainable" is the catchword of the moment. A Google search of the word extracts 72.5 million entries in .32 second. For everything we do, it seems there is a sustainable method for doing it and an organization to tell us how. Published August 13, 2010

Illustration: Iran hikers

PERLEY: Alas, Tehran

Three American hikers started their second year in captivity in Iran on Sunday, and the world finally has begun to recognize the nature of their predicament: They are hostages. Published August 3, 2010

** FILE ** This combination of undated file photos released by shows, from left; Joshua Fattal, Shane Bauer, and Sarah Shourd. (Associated Press/

PERLEY: Iran’s hostage redux

It can no longer be denied: Iran is once again holding U.S. citizens hostage. Just as the Islamic regime grabbed the world's attention 31 years ago when it took 52 American diplomats and embassy employees captive, it holds three young hikers, making them unwilling pawns in a geopolitical chess game with the West over Iran's nuclear program. Published June 22, 2010

No Justice for Panther prosecutor

Something is wrong with a Justice Department that treats its own attorneys worse than it treats civil-rights violators those attorneys would prosecute. On Friday, after evasive testimony by Justice official Thomas E. Perez to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, department attorney J. Christian Adams resigned in obvious disgust at the deep-sixing of a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party. Published May 19, 2010

The Rand Paul uprising

Primary voters in Kentucky delivered an unmistakable message to the Republican establishment on Tuesday: They want principled conservatives, not accommodating career politicians, to represent them in Washington. It looks increasingly likely that their wish will be granted now that Rand Paul has secured the Grand Old Party's nomination by a crushing 23-point margin over his nearest opponent. Published May 19, 2010

Nugent knows, liberals never will

I enjoy immensely the regular columns your fine paper is running from "the gonzo guitarist," Ted Nugent. The rhetorical question inherent in the first couple of paragraphs of the treatise titled, "Don't ask, don't care" (Commentary, Wednesday) is easily understood (at least by me) as to why we allow evil to flourish. Published May 19, 2010

Obama’s nuclear policy signals weakness

Frank J. Gaffney Jr., in considering the Senate review of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty START, has exposed the bait-and-switch approach of President Obama's nuclear policy in his article "The president's new clothes" (Opinion, Tuesday). Published May 19, 2010

The Shi’ite stripper girl next door

The new Miss USA is a pole-dancing Shi'ite Muslim who counts the Hezbollah terrorist group as part of her loyal fan base. Or, as the Los Angeles Times put it, Rima Fakih is "the poster girl for modern America." Published May 18, 2010

Juvenile injustice

The U.S. Supreme Court went on another philosophical bender on Monday, this time on behalf of heinous juvenile criminals. Years from now, though, scholars may still cite the brilliant dissent by Justice Clarence Thomas as an example of devastatingly effective reasoning. Against the high court's sadly devolving standards of decency, Justice Thomas' opinion stands for the permanent principle that judges should be the Constitution's servants, not its editors. Published May 18, 2010

Nero was hotter than Al Gore

The planet has never been warmer than it is right now, if you believe what global warming alarmists have to say. Mankind's selfishness in producing "excessive" amounts of carbon dioxide has set us on a path toward global cataclysm, they insist. The problem with this tale is that it neither fits with the historical record nor with a growing body of scientific evidence. Published May 18, 2010

Fudging Obamacare costs

Greece is the word when it comes to upside-down economies, but America is hardly giving the world a better fiscal example. U.S. government debt continues to spiral out of control, thanks in large part to Obamacare. Published May 18, 2010

Kagan speech rationing

Would Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan outlaw "Common Sense"? Ms. Kagan's work on First Amendment free-speech issues suggests she might restrict Thomas Paine, circa 1776, from distributing his famous pamphlet. Solicitor General Kagan likewise might outlaw "The Federalist Papers" if Founding Fathers James Madison and Alexander Hamilton refused to say who paid to publish their essays. These views on the First Amendment are troubling enough to raise serious doubts as to whether the Senate should confirm her for the high court. Published May 18, 2010

Kagan’s Nuremberg defense

The White House is attempting to minimize Solicitor General Elena Kagan's role in banning military recruiters from Harvard Law School while she was dean. The Obama team is using a variation on the Nuremberg defense, that Ms. Kagan was only following the established policies, and that this episode actually shows her at her most pragmatic. But far from simply implementing existing Harvard policies, Ms. Kagan was the prime mover in seeking to have the policies changed to keep recruiters out. Published May 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Bailing out foreign banks

House Republicans introduced legislation last week to prohibit U.S. taxpayer funds from being used to bail out a teetering European economy, especially upside-down Greece. "If the Obama administration has its way, the U.S. will contribute to a nearly trillion-dollar bailout of European countries with economic crises that are a direct result of wasteful government spending," said Rep. Mike Pence, the House Republican Conference chairman from Indiana. The congressman is right. President Obama should focus on U.S. economic troubles instead of throwing our cash down a European rathole. Published May 17, 2010

The smiley face medal

U.S. troops who overcome their natural urge to slaughter civilians will get awards for showing heroic restraint - at least that's the message being sent by a proposed new service medal. Published May 14, 2010