- The Washington Times - Monday, October 25, 2010


The term “political correctness” implies that one can say whatever one pleases about certain groups, individuals and subjects, but criticism of others is taboo. It further implies that even if such speech is justified or truthful, it must not be expressed.

Political correctness made its way into the mainstream of society in the 1980s, when the view arose that criticism of certain groups, individuals and subjects was detrimental to their self-esteem and well-being. After that, many in politics, in the mainstream press and in other institutions began to adopt this policy. On college campuses, for example, speech codes were adopted.

This concept goes against all constitutional guarantees and against the spirit and the plain language of the First Amendment. It inhibits the right of free speech, but it also goes against the right to one’s thoughts, conscience, feelings and expressions. It is very much a bane to liberty and freedom.

If political correctness is allowed to thrive in the United States, it will be the death of the republic. It would treat all Americans who utter and express a viewpoint outside the bounds of political correctness like lepers. It would make Americans so afraid to exercise their First Amendment rights that people would start behaving like ostriches, putting their heads in the sand. It is happening already.

Political correctness, as a concept and as a policy, must be defeated. Never again should it raise its ugly head to see the light of day.


Kenilworth, N.J.



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