- The Washington Times - Friday, October 29, 2010


The Commonwealth of Virginia is one of America’s original and most important laboratories of democracy. Its motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis - “Thus always to tyrants” - offers a poignant rallying cry for national elections this year as contemporary patriots try to thrust off the yoke of oppressive government to make our country more free. With the crippling burden of trillions in debt, the socialist government takeover of health care and new taxes on the way to pay for it all, the American people are threatened by government tyranny now more than ever. Virginia has statesmen standing ready to defend our liberty.

In the vicinity of the nation’s capital, only one of three Northern Virginia congressional districts is well-represented. Republican Rep. Frank Wolf in the 10th District - which stretches westward from McLean to the West Virginia state line - has an impressive record of leadership. He voted against Obamacare and the bloated “stimulus” spending package and served as a key appropriations subcommittee chairman when Congress balanced the budget in the 1990s. In a state that refuses to provide adequate roads for one of the nation’s fastest growing populations, Mr. Wolf has worked to relieve traffic congestion, most appreciably by forcing through more lanes on clogged Interstate 66. Mr. Wolf’s role in establishing the FBI National Gang Intelligence Center and sponsorship of the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force are important in disrupting an increasing criminal threat in the area. A solid, no-nonsense Republican, Frank Wolf deserves re-election.

The 8th District - which encompasses much of Arlington and Alexandria - is a different story. It is represented by a congressional embarrassment, Democratic Rep. Jim Moran. An undisciplined tax-and-spender, he earned recent ratings of only 2 percent from the National Taxpayers Union and 4 percent from Citizens Against Government Waste. Mr. Moran has a history of questionable personal financial practices and incidents of ethnic/racial conflict. His opponent, retired Army Col. Patrick Murray, served honorably in uniform for 24 years and is running as a fiscally conservative reformer. It’s time for change in the 8th District, and Col. Murray offers it.

The 11th District stretches from Mount Vernon west to Haymarket and from Vienna south to the Occoquan. One-term Democratic Rep. Gerald Connolly carries water for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s Big Government agenda. His opponent, Keith Fimian, is a successful businessman and philanthropist who would bring much needed management experience to Washington. Mr. Fimian promises an important conservative vote down the line on fiscal and social issues.

A Republican landslide is coming. The Washington Times endorses Keith Fimian, Patrick Murray and Frank Wolf in this important election.



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