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Oh, yes I did, President Obama. You, sir, as usual, are wrong again.

Like the freedom-driven force that created the greatest quality of life ever, I built my business the old-fashioned way: with hard work, perseverance, enough sweat to fill a tandem oil tanker, never-ending brutal sacrifice and a belief in myself. It’s called the American Dream, Mr. President. There is no Plan B.

My first guitar was purchased with money I saved from mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, washing cars, painting fences, selling night crawlers and shoveling snow. No one loaned me a dime.

More than 6,400 concerts and 40 million records later, I’m still pursuing my American Dream regardless of the fact that government has built gigantic tax and regulation walls designed to punish me for success and hinder job creation. Thanks for nothing, Mr. No-Job-Ever.

The president wouldn’t understand that because he’s not a businessman and has zero experience in the free market. I believe that at his core, he despises the free market and thinks it to be racist and unfair.

It’s not just the president’s recent anti-business rants that have increased the suspicions of business people everywhere. His comment to Joe the Plumber four years ago about spreading the wealth around was a crass statement that much more resembled something that commie-stooge Fidel Castro would have said, not someone running for president of the United States.

Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with a Cabinet that, according to my research, indicates not one of them has had any experience at owning or running a business. I doubt that without a bailout, any of them could sell a blanket to a naked man in a blizzard.

It’s no White-House-leaked top secret that the business community does not trust the president. His statements, policies and clear and present anti-business agenda have shown contempt for the free enterprise system ever since he took up residence in the White House and began his systematic Cloward-Piven-driven destruction of our economy.

The president and his Fedzilla anti-business cohorts want to reshape America into a socialist state. They pushed through Obamacare, which will ultimately destroy private medicine and cause health care costs to skyrocket, have passed mountains of new and costly regulations on businesses that make it much more difficult to operate a business, and have attacked legitimate businesses such as Gibson Guitars, which I take as a personal affront.

With just a 35 percent approval rate among business owners, according to a recent Gallup poll, it can’t be that just conservative businessmen are lining up against the president and the crushing, oversized boot of Fedzilla that is standing on the throats of entrepreneurs.

When liberal Sen. George McGovern left the U.S. Senate and tried his hand at the free market by running a hotel, he quickly learned that Fedzilla is no friend of the private sector. In an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal on May 7, 2009, Mr. McGovern was none too kind about Fedzilla’s anti-business practices. It’s only gotten worse since he wrote of his rude awakening.

It’s one thing to not know about how the private sector works, which many politicians do not. It’s quite another to actually be opposed to the free-enterprise system. That’s our president, the anti-business, class-warrior-in-chief.

There is a big difference between voting for a guy who has been successful in private industry and voting for a guy with no experience in the private sector and who loathes the free market.

Only chumps, punks, bloodsuckers and fools would choose the guy with no experience and who despises the free market. The producers are solidly in the camp of Mitt Romney.

I am wrapping up the greatest tour of my life. If Mr. Obama gets re-elected, we will get exactly what we ask for, and it will not be pretty.

Ted Nugent is an American rock ‘n’ roll, sporting and political activist icon. He is the author of “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto” and “God, Guns & Rock ‘N’ Roll” (Regnery Publishing).

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