- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012


Naxalite is the name given in India to the subversive communist guerrillas who occupy some rural areas. When the Indian government builds schools in those areas, the Naxalites destroy them. I guess they want the people to remain ignorant so they can manipulate and control them. In a way, President Obama is the American equivalent of the Naxalites; he is a Marxist subversive who somehow has managed to take the White House.

Mr. Obama has attempted to erase his past by paying millions of dollars to keep it hidden. His books are full of stretches of the truth. His parents, grandparents, mentor in Hawaii, college in California and counselors at Columbia and Harvard universities were all various shades of red: anti-colonialists, Marxists, communist sympathizers, socialists, anti-neocolonialists, etc. The cultlike fake guru, Mr. Obama, has shown some ankle recently. To paraphrase him: Entrepreneurs don’t build businesses, the workers and government do — and he wants to save all American industries as he so valiantly did General Motors and Chrysler (i.e., rip off the investors, including private pensioners, and turn the companies over to the unions). Those companies still owe American taxpayers billions of dollars.


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