- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012


Let’s give Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. the benefit of the doubt and assume his comment that Mitt Romney would “put ya’ll back in chains” weren’t meant to imply that a Romney/Ryan administration would punish Americans (“Biden: Back on the chain gang,” Comment & Analysis, Wednesday).

There’s still much to discuss about Mr. Biden’s use of the word “chains.” Does he not think the millions of unemployed unemployed Americans feel anchored to the guest rooms of parents, friends or family members? Isn’t it the person who filed for disability insurance, who in a better economy might have found a job instead, who feels chained to government’s “beneficence”? In fact, more people filed for Social Security Disability Insurance in the second quarter of this year than found jobs. And is it not the person reliant on government for basics like food who feels chained to the next deposit and the next food-bank line at church?

The Obama administration through its actions is the administration of “no.” Contrast the Democrat-pushed dependency ticket with the Republican one, which promotes self-reliance, earned success and the dignity that comes with a life lived well, free from government reliance and interference.

Now tell me, Mr. Vice President, who has delivered (and is still selling) chains, and who is selling independence and opportunity?





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