- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Abortion is destroying the future of America. Why aren’t we concerned for aborted children? They are victims of ruthless oppression from people to whom they cannot express their pain. These are the unseen — murdered without a chance to breathe.

Destroying the lives of the aborted can be viewed as an easy procedure because we allow them to be killed without anyone ever witnessing an expression of pain on their faces. Many women say it is their right to choose whether an unborn child lives. Yet those they choose to abort never get a choice at anything, let alone life.

In fact, half of the innocent ones they choose to destroy are girls, who would have one day become women. Because of a “choice,” they never get a choice to do anything, let alone have their own choice to give life. How can we allow one person the right to take a right away from another person? This cannot work in a just society.

How can someone who holds the right to choose take away the greater right to life, to which every unborn child should be entitled? Fifty million dead babies are too many. This equals one-sixth of the population of the United States. In their ranks would be congressmen, businessmen, military generals, captains of ships, astronauts, countless leaders and average citizens, and possibly a president.

We cannot just focus on the unborn child, but on who that child would become one day. When we look from this perspective, we realize it is not just undeveloped substance that is killed, but the hope and future of America.

The conversation on abortion must no longer be about the right to choose, but on choosing to do right.


King George, Va.



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