- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 12, 2012


Tony Blankley can’t be gone! He has another book to write.” And yet, like so many great writers and thinkers before him, Tony has left us far too soon, with so much yet to do. I had the privilege of working with Tony as the publisher of both of his outstanding books, and found him to be that rare pundit who can deliver a barb with genuine good will.

He was a fearless defender of American ideals and freedom, and a fierce critic of liberal nonsense and muddle-headed socialism. But it is his smile I will remember.He was seldom cross, seldom bitter, never cruel. He was thoughtful in both senses of the word - he thought carefully about what he wrote and said, and he was considerate of those to whom and about whom he said it.

Few men have the great good fortune that Tony had - to have something worthwhile to say and to have a platform from which he could effectively speak. All of us at Regnery Publishing only wish he’d stayed around a bit longer to say a bit more.

Marji Ross is president and publisher of Regnery Publishing.



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