- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Since President Obama and his campaign backers seem to have no problem with the idea of slandering opponent Mitt Romney using false charges in order to get re-elected, and since Mr. Romney seems to have no idea how to respond, I offer the following suggestion: Make Mr. Obama face valid accusations.

The president and his supporters claim that Mr. Romney “may” be a felon. In that case, may not Mr. Obama be a baby killer? After all, has he not defended abortion at all costs, including the killing of children who survive abortions? Has he not also threatened the killing of his own grandchildren if they arrive inconveniently? Does he not demand that Catholics be forced to pay to kill the unborn? Does he not use drones to kill terrorists even in the presence of women and children?

Of course, Democrats don’t acknowledge the unborn as children, denying their humanity the way Jacksonian Democrats also denigrated blacks and Indians so that they could justify enslaving the former and slaughtering the latter.

As a Vietnam War veteran, I remember well the use of that hated baby-killer pejorative against us by liberals. Warriors, like cops, never kill children, except by accident. It takes a liberal to kill babies often and deliberately. We ought to make Mr. Obama live with that description. Better yet, force him to deny it.


Dumfries, Va.



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