- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For years, conservatives have been accusing President Obama of acting more like a royal heir to a throne than an elected public official. Liberals have scoffed at this, saying opposition to Mr. Obama is rooted in racism or partisan politics.

Is it? Mr. Obama has publicly declared his administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, has ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” told Hispanic supporters that Americans who disagree with amnesty are “your enemies” and instituted a new policy whereby his administration will no longer prosecute or deport certain illegal aliens that are on American soil illegally. Mr. Obama has unilaterally decided to be chief executive, legislator and the Supreme Court by executive fiat. He has rendered the Constitution and the other co-equal branches of government irrelevant. He has trampled on the rule of law.

It makes no difference what his motivation is or how noble the goal is. It makes a difference in the process of using executive orders to circumvent the constitutional process of checks and balances. It dilutes the electoral process and the will of the people while pandering to select groups of people (some not even citizens of this country) for votes, nullifying the legislative process of our elected-representative government. While liberals may embrace this process, what will they say when some future conservative president uses executive orders and regulatory agencies to circumvent laws duly enacted by Congress?

Because as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, Mr. Obama has laid the pathway for all future presidents to use executive orders to circumvent Congress. The difference is conservatives have historically reacted to failed liberal policies through the ballot box while liberals have used violence and civil disorder to react to conservative policies. Mr. Obama has nullified the ballot box for conservatives. How long will conservatives remain peaceful when they’re left with no lawful option for overturning liberal policies that violate the Constitution?


Virginia Beach

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