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Once again, this town has ground to a halt in another one of its interminable squabbles about how to spend even more of our money that we do not have.

The only thing everyone can agree upon is that they do want to spend $6 billion on yet another indefensible bailout.

That’s right, years after this town turned the word “bailout” into a dirty word by bailing out banks, car companies, Wall Street, credit card companies — all while we were struggling to pay the light bill and buy groceries — they’re right back at it.

This time, however, they are scrambling to bail out some of the most odious institutions in America: U.S. colleges and universities.

With these organizations scalping students and parents by jacking up tuition rates at a nearly double-digit clip every year, it is no surprise that graduates are walking away from college with massive debts that they simply cannot pay.

But that is a problem students and their parents need to work out with their colleges and universities. It is truly a mystery why innocent taxpayers must be dragged into it.

Anyway, if a college can’t teach a person enough to get a job, then maybe they didn’t quite deliver as promised.

One quick trip through your local “Occupy” park, and you realize most of these cats actually went to college. Some of them graduated. Maybe instead of classes on underwater basket weaving or studying transgender influences on Shakespeare and Elvis Presley, they should start offering “Showering 101.” Just a thought.

Anyway, stiffing these institutions of “higher learning” would go along way toward giving them a dose of the real world and might even force them to do a better job more efficiently.

Just last week, we learned that Harvard Law School was paying former Obama administration official and former law professor Elizabeth Warren more than $300,000 a year. This is the woman who has been credited with spawning the non-showering “Occupy” movement by crusading against companies that scalp customers. Well, she should know.

And, of course, now Mrs. Warren wants to join the U.S. Senate, where she will fit right in.

And let us not forget what a Harvard law degree is worth. That is what President Obama has, and he confidently gave us a health care law that had a wire brush taken to it in the Supreme Court here recently.

If it is ruled unconstitutional, as everyone is predicting, Mr. Obama should demand his money back. And quit using taxpayers to pay for other people’s poor choices.

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