- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 2, 2012


“Banning junk science from Capitol Hill” and “Behind Fakegate” (Web, Monday) highlight again how the political left, in support of their agenda, abuse science, the hallmark of the enlightened age.

In general, the left rejects Holy Scripture as nothing more than fairy tales and myth, placing its faith and reliance instead in science and enlightened reasoning. Yet, agenda is the real driver behind left-leaning policies and positions, squeezing out science and enlightened reasoning. The left’s refusal to acknowledge scientific research concerning mercury levels and its reliance on manufactured data supporting man-made global warming are but two examples of its abuse of science and reasoning.

A third example is the homosexual agenda. Without any peer-reviewed studies, research or discoveries, and in the face of numerous examples of human-induced homosexual behavior, it pushes its distorted attack on family values. Without a scientific basis for cause, homosexuality becomes a lifestyle choice, different from the conditions outside an individual’s control, such as sex, race and ethnicity. As with most other leftist causes, the homosexual agenda lambastes anything religious and lacks scientific support or enlightened reasoning.





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