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@Text.dropcap8.FG:President Obama must be defeated on Tuesday. Our republic hangs in the balance. A second term would enable him to achieve his seminal goal: the transformation of America into a European social democracy. The nation of our Founding Fathers will cease to exist. Our constitutional system will be replaced by a corporatist superstate based on arbitrary, centralized power and the fusion of big government, big business and big labor. His re-election would represent the final victory of the progressive movement — the creation of a liberal, socialist regime.

For nearly four years, Mr. Obama has presided over a revolution from above. His signature legislative accomplishment is Obamacare. Washington is poised to take over one-sixth of the economy. It will impose a command-and-control government-run health system marked by exploding costs, rationed care, massive tax increases and intrusive mandates. The law also does something else that is unprecedented — and ominous: It encodes the federal funding of abortion. Through an abortion “surcharge,” it compels religious citizens to violate their conscience rights by subsidizing the murder of unborn children. This represents a major step toward a soft tyranny, enlisting Christians to underwrite state-sanctioned infanticide. It threatens to abrogate basic individual liberties.

Once Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014, it will be almost impossible to repeal. Government health care will become interwoven into the fabric of society, as millions lose their employer-based coverage in exchange for public subsidies. Moreover, like in Europe, socialized medicine fundamentally alters the relationship between the state and its citizens. The government essentially nationalizes your body. State health bureaucrats decide which treatments you and your family can — and cannot — receive. In short, nationalized health care creates a society of serfs who are coerced into dependency upon a ruling class for their most important needs. It breeds the servile state.

Yet, Mr. Obama’s drive toward a statist regime has gone much deeper than health care. His nearly $1 trillion stimulus package did nothing to engender economic growth. Rather, it stimulated unprecedented government expansion, amounting to a massive electoral bribe. Every major political constituency was paid off — the public-sector unions, government bureaucrats, environmentalists, minorities, low-income earners and community organizing groups.

His borrow-and-spend policies have led to the highest deficits in history. We are now $5 trillion more in debt. However, nearly 50 million Americans are on food stamps — a skyrocketing increase since 2008. Nearly 1 in 6 citizens live in poverty. Unemployment is chronically high. Growth is sputtering. The federal government now spends more than $1 trillion a year on welfare programs. Combined, they are the single biggest item in the budget, surpassing Social Security, Medicare and defense.

We are becoming a nation of economic deadbeats and social parasites. Mr. Obama has forged a new redistributionist order: Tax consumers are devouring the wealth of taxpaying producers. In the process, he is breeding an army — a vast electoral pool — of government dependents. Soon, America will hit the tipping point at which the productive classes are outnumbered — and outvoted — by the nonproductive ones. Our decline will be inexorable and inevitable.

The result is a country on the verge of fiscal bankruptcy. We are now the most indebted nation ever. The $16 trillion national debt is the greatest domestic threat America faces. Mr. Obama’s answer is to add another $4 trillion over the next 10 years. By his own budget estimates, we will become Greece by 2016. Deep and immediate spending cuts must be implemented. Otherwise, the United States is doomed. Mr. Obama’s soak-the-rich tax proposals are nothing more than cheap demagoguery. The most they can raise is $90 billion annually — a fraction of the mountain of debt slowly crushing us.

The Obama administration has consistently abused power and violated the Constitution in its effort to solidify big-government liberalism. The Dodd-Frank financial reform entrenched the pernicious principle of too big to fail, guaranteeing that Washington will protect large banks and giant insurance firms in case of major losses. For Mr. Obama, that taxpayers will be left holding the bag is irrelevant. The objective was reached: He succeeded in bringing entire sectors under his heel. Goldman Sachs, the auto industry, big pharmaceutical companies — almost every segment of the economy is under the direct control and supervision of the regulatory state.

Mr. Obama has shredded our traditional system of free enterprise, states’ rights and limited government. He has governed not like the president of a republic, but a modern-day Roman emperor who views our Constitution as a meaningless piece of paper — a document to be trampled on in his mad rush to erect a socialist empire. He is our version of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Should he win on Nov. 6, America — sadly and tragically — risks going the way of Venezuela.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and the host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 (www.wrko.com) in Boston.

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