- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Joe Klein’s most recent narcissistic Time magazine column, “Obama’s Second Chance,” is nothing less than a propaganda-laden media victory lap celebrating the fact that Americans were deceived into re-electing the current president.

However, Mr. Klein’s Republican bashing conveniently ignores the facts that a Democrat, former President Bill Clinton, caused the housing and finance crash, which was falsely blamed on President George W. Bush. It also neglects to mention that President Obama increased the national debt by $6 trillion, manufacturing health care and financial crises along the way. All this resulted in rushing overreaching health care and finance laws through a Democrat-controlled Congress. It also fails to mention how Mr. Obama issued executive orders and edicts on immigration and energy — until this abuse of power was delayed by Republicans taking back the House of Representatives in 2010.

Unfortunately for the nation, Mr. Klein and his ilk are nothing more than active members of Mr. Obama’s rooting section, people who know very well that this second-term president is merely carrying out his promise to fundamentally transform America for the worse by any means necessary. The liberal press could be responsible for aiding the abuse of power by the man who quickly is becoming the most unconstitutional president in history.


Apple Valley, Calif.

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