- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sorry, Joe. That’s the subtle message from polls and television watchers who saw President Obama’s public praising of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday’s 60 Minutes and interpreted the fawning as endorsement for her to seek the White House in 2016 — rather than Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

As CNN’s L.Z. Granderson says of Mr. Obama’s pro-Hillary statements on 60 MInutes: “Watching [the] love fest … was more like witnessing an infomercial than an interview.”

The political strategic take-away? Democrats by and large see Ms. Clinton, not Mr. Biden, seeking the presidential seat in 2016, CNN suggests. Polls show similarly; an ABC/Washington Post poll the week before the inauguration reported 67 percent favoring Ms. Clinton, versus 48 percent for Biden. Despite the poor showing, Mr. Biden spent that weekend seeming to test the waters for a presidential run, CNN reports.



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