- The Washington Times - Friday, July 19, 2013

A café owner in the United Kingdom says she was ordered to remove several Union flags that were hung on railings outside the business because a local government agent deemed them “racist.”

Janet and Chay Croden, of ForTeas café, said the order left them baffled, Keighley News reported. The local council, in the meantime, denied anybody from the government office called the flags racist.

A spokesman for the city said, in the Keighley News, that “the council does not in any way consider Union flags to be racist and would not ask people to remove them for that reason.”

But the six flags have been pulled, just the same. City officials say it was danger — the flags block visibility — not racism, that led to the order.

“We’ve got little Union flags up in our window and no-one’s ever complained about them” said Ms. Croden, in the newspaper.



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