- The Washington Times - Monday, March 11, 2013

Saudi Arabian swordsmen are working double time to keep pace with the country’s justice demands for beheadings.

The few swordsmen who are qualified to behead criminals are so overburdened with demand that they’re showing up late to beheadings, Newser reports. That’s no small problem: A government report says the lateness “causes security confusion,” the Newser report says.

Saudi Arabia executed 75 last year about 15 so far this year. It’s the last nation in the world to behead criminals, but because of demand, authorities are seeking a new rule that would allow for firing squads to fill in from time to time, Newser says.

The country beheads criminals convicted of egregious crimes, including murder and drug trafficking, but it also allows for beheadings for the crime of apostasy.



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