- The Washington Times - Monday, March 18, 2013

Late-night comedian Bill Maher blasted New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Friday, saying: “There is something wrong about the seventh-richest person in the world, lying in bed at night saying, ‘You know what people shouldn’t do? Drink too much Sprite. And I’m going to make that a law.’”

The mayor’s proposal to outlaw the sale of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces was struck down last week after a judge found it to be “arbitrary and capricious.” Mr. Bloomberg has vowed to fight the decision in appeals court, but Mr. Maher says the independent’s obsession with public health is making the left look bad.

“I am for overturning this ban; I think this is what makes liberals look bad,” the comedian said on HBO on Friday. “This is what makes liberals look like elitist bullies who think they know everything and can tell people what to do.”

“Again, it is what makes liberals look bad. They never met a regulation they didn’t like. Of course, we should do something about this problem, but what if I want to have that one Big Gulp once a week? I should be able to,” Mr. Maher added. “You shouldn’t have to clear what you eat with the municipal government.”



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