- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Police are investigating Justin Bieber after former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson complained the pop singer was driving at a “startling speed” in their gated Los Angeles neighborhood.

According to witnesses, Mr. Johnson was leaving a party in the Calabasas community with one of his children when Mr. Bieber sped past them in his Ferrari. After dropping his child off at home, Mr. Johnson went back to Mr. Bieber’s house to confront him.

Witnesses say the 19-year-old singer ran straight into his home at the sight of the 212-lb. athlete, and he refused to come out to speak about the matter, the Daily Mail reports.

Bieber ran away like a scared little child,” a witness said told TMZ.

L.A. County Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore told TMZ that police received 2 separate calls in different locations in the community, one of which was by Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Bieber is currently being investigated by local authorities, TMZ reports.

TMZ reports that prosecutors are currently reviewing a separate case where the pop star allegedly drove recklessly and then spit on a neighbor who confronted him.



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