- - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Iraq, Afghanistan, Crimea … these are NOT the places that President Obama can point to as victories… but the War On Women? This guy is like an expert marksman, or one of the great historical generals. Nobody can claim more victories AGAINST women than Barack Obama.

The big talking point right now is the “wage gap.” President Obama keeps saying women only make 77 cents on the dollar; even his own White House advisors admitted it’s a bogus stat.

But here’s the REAL story … The President and the Democratic Party keep throwing women under the bus.

When he need needs a fall guy, it’s rarely a guy. Need a distraction because of a lack of leadership in Benghazi? Send out Susan Rice to lie to the press, and then let the blame fail on Hillary Clinton.

Give guns in a “fast and furious” way to Mexican drug dealers for political talking points? Keep Eric Holder in his position of power but ship Janet Napolitano off for a long siesta.

Use the IRS to go after political foes and most likely affect the outcome of the election? Make Lois Lerner take the heat and then go on another vacation.

Obamacare is a bust and everybody knows it? Exaggerate the numbers and then let Kathleen Sebelius take the fall.

But the administration isn’t the only place you can find left-wingers conducting a War on Women. Liberals in the media can be as nasty as they want to Republican women like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann and there’s never a peep from “women’s groups” like NOW.

And if you want to hear about really hardcore war on women stuff, talk to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s a former Muslim who left her faith after suffering ritual mutilation and forced marriage. She’s even had a death threat written on a paper that was stabbed into the heart of a former partner of her’s Theo Van Gogh.

Brandeis University offered Ali an honorary degree, and a chance to speak at their commencement … but then withdrew it after the Muslim student association threw a fit, and a third of the faculty joined in.

I guess Ayaan Hirsi Ali is just too controversial for Brandeis … unlike past speakers such as anti-American terrorist and long-time Obama buddy Bill Ayers and other true purveyors of hate.

Turning the “War on Women” into a cheap partisan slogan, is an insult to all Americans and it distracts us from very real mistreatment of women.

The War On Women is real and President Obama is the Hannibal Lecter of women’s rights … What scares me is how the majority of women of America actually believe he and the Democrats are on THEIR side?? Wow … that propaganda stuff must really work on some folks … but thankfully not all of us.

If you think President Obama is just coincidentally dumping women that work for him when the going gets tough, comment here at The Washington Times.

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