- - Monday, April 28, 2014


The Supreme Court could stand to undergo substantial changes to operate more effectively and efficiently so it can accomplish its mission of interpreting law.

First, there ought to be term limits on Supreme Court justices. This would consistently give fresh blood to the court, allowing laws to be better interpreted through newer individuals with different mindsets than justices who have sat on the bench for years.

Term limits on justices could also give more authority to the individual citizen so the judicial branch doesn’t gain too much power.

The court would look more transparent and seem more accountable if it were to allow live television cameras in during oral arguments. It could also further these objectives by encouraging average citizens to email their thoughts to the court on particular cases. Increased transparency and accountability could go a long way in improving the public perception of the Supreme Court.

In many people’s minds, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court doesn’t do enough to oversee surveillance warrants. Since it’s here to stay, the FISA court should no longer be tied into the Supreme Court in any way. The Supreme Court should not have any influence on other courts since it has its own important job to do.

The Supreme Court could better serve the average citizen in a much more representative manner by implementing several comprehensive ideas. Our society deserves as much.


Las Vegas



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