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I’m writing this from Peace Arch Park on the northern border of the U.S., about two hours north of Seattle and an hour south of Vancouver, British Columbia. Looking around, I don’t see a big wave of illegal immigrants trying to cross our border by the carload.

Illegal aliens have been easier to find in Washington, D.C. They’re picketing the White House. They’re demanding a seat at the table during meetings about immigration policy. Naturally, they want more relaxed immigration enforcement and fewer deportations, which is a tough demand to meet, because deportations are pretty close to zero as it is. But there’s a lot of pressure for tougher measures in response to the massive surge of aliens coming across the border from Central America.

Why weren’t trucks deployed to scoop up these illegal alien protesters and deport them immediately? Well, nothing like that could ever happen, because we don’t really treat immigration policies as “laws” and we don’t treat the people who violate them as “criminals.”

Geraldo Rivera complained about that on the Fox News show “Outnumbered.” He said, “Every time you say ‘illegals,’ it’s like fingernails on a blackboard,” because the aliens are “essentially law-abiding, hard-working people,” and “the only law they’ve ever broken is to come across the border without documentation.” It’s time to shave the ‘stache, Geraldo. It must be sucking the blood and oxygen out of your brain!

So, do the rest of us get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for willfully breaking a law?

These illegal aliens are foreign citizens and are demanding an active role in shaping American immigration law? When do taxpaying Americans get a seat at the table?

Maybe all of this wouldn’t be quite so frustrating if law-abiding citizens weren’t buried under a mountain of taxes, regulations, paperwork, and now lawless executive orders from the White House. It’s hard work to be law-abiding when there are hundreds of thousands of laws surrounding you. You probably violate some of them every day, albeit without realizing it. Our government is huge, and while it wastes a lot of the trillion dollars it spends, it also uses that money to expand its power and reduce your liberty.

Huge migrations across the border also might be a bit less of a problem if we didn’t have a huge welfare state. That’s one of the big differences between modern America and the old Ellis Island days.

Try telling the Washington elite that your taxes are too high, and you’ll be called “greedy.” Complain that heavy-handed regulations are preventing you from starting a small business, and you’ll be called a “predator” who just wants to screw over the little guy. Meanwhile, the big corporations that sometimes do give the little guy a bad deal are doing just fine, better than ever. They’ve got political influence, subsidies and bailouts.

The whole Washington racket would fall apart if the people who work hard and play by the rules had anything to say about the rules. Everything is presented to us as an offer we can’t refuse, a demand we can’t resist, a crisis we have to resolve, the “settled law of the land.” Everybody else gets to do as they please. Why not let people who ignore our immigration laws sit in on meetings with politicians who ignore the U.S. Constitution? The two groups have a lot in common. But nobody steering our ship of state has much in common with the people who are pulling the oars.

Do you think we can change direction or is it too late?

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