- - Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I find it outrageous that the Obama administration basically ignores the plight of Iraqi Christians and Kurds suffering under the Islamic State terrorist group but displays copious amounts of public outrage when Hamas claims Israeli brutality. One Palestinian child injured or killed by Israeli forces and this administration comes unglued, but when more than 500 Iraqi women, children and men have been brutally killed by the Islamic State, the answer is to provide humanitarian aid.

To this administration, a bomb here and a bomb there spells concern. However, this is the same type of response that President Clinton had in Sudan when he had a cruise missile take out an aspirin factory under the guise of going after Osama bin Laden.

This administration needs to come to terms with what is really happening in the world. Of course, it seems everything Mr. Obama does turns out bad, so why would I expect a different story on the Iraq situation? This is such a shame and a black mark on a nation that in the past was a light to the downtrodden.


Port Orchard, Wash.



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