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Americans love nightmares. Hollywood proves it every year as they crank out countless horror movies every year. If it were not for horror novels, Steven King would just be a crank liberal barista at some coffee shop in Maine.

Conservatives have had a long nightmare. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary cemented her place as one of the greatest conservative terrors during the debacle that was called “Hillarycare.” Conservatives drew a distinction between Hillary and Bill Clinton. Bill at least made the show of trying to be a “moderate” Democrat. Hillary never hid what she was.

Hillarycare was nothing more than a Soviet style, centrally planned, single payer socialist healthcare nightmare. Hillary was so ideologically pure that she would not buy off big business. That was a mistake Barack Obama did not make.

At first, conservatives thought that the Clintons would push Al Gore out of the way and have Hillary run for president in 2000. That nightmare quickly died when she ran for the New York senate seat belonging to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who in theory was voluntarily retiring.

The next conservative nightmare was that Hillary would take on George W. Bush in 2004. She would vanquish him then impose the Hillarycare plan she was unable to impose in the 90’s.

But then Hillary passed on 2004.

Then in 2008, it was Hillary’s turn. Early on, she was “inevitable.” Then came Barack Obama.

Now conservatives are going into nightmare mode again. Hillary 2016.

Forget about it. It isn’t happening.

Hillary knows this. Bill Clinton knows this. He doesn’t like it, since he wants her to run. But her time has passed.

Rush Limbaugh was vilified a few years ago when he pointed out Hillary’s age and said older women do not fare as well in politics as older men. Ignoring the fact that Rush was right, in 2016, Hillary Clinton will be 68. By contrast, Margaret Thatcher was 54 when she became prime minister in the U.K. and 65 when she left office.

The real number is not 68. It is 24. In 2016, it will have been 24 years since Bill Clinton was first elected. It will be 16 years since he left office. Most voters under 35, a huge constituency for the Democrats, have at best a vague recollection of the Clinton years.

Hillary’s book tour, which was essentially a dry run for her campaign, was a disaster. There is no other way to spin that. And if it were not for big institutional left wing buyers, her book would have never made it to the best sellers list.

A new generation has come up since the Clintons and most of them feel that Hillary’s time has past. She had her shot in 2008 and lost.

There is a new Democrat on the block and she will be the nominee in 2016.

Her name is Elizabeth Warren.

She is the perfect successor to President Obama. Like Obama, she has no accomplishments on her own and she lied about her background.

Mr. Obama wants to knife the Clintons one last time. And he certainly does not want to see an old white guy, Joe Biden, pick up the nomination.Ms. Warren is his perfect choice and she will have the support of the Obama machine.

Conservatives had half hoped for the Clinton nightmare. They wanted it for the same reason Americans go to horror movies. Conservatives wanted to be terrified and be saved at the last minute.

Hillary Clinton won’t run in 2016. The why has not been determined. Leaks about Hillary’s health problems are laying the foundation for her to make an honorable exit from contention.

But for those who wanted the Hillary Clinton nightmare, just wait.

Elizabeth Warren is far worse than Hillary.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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