- - Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The media coverage of the Lois Lerner emails is starting to drive me crazy. Is there no one in the media who understands that emails do not reside on the client computers but actually reside on the mail server? There simply were no emails on Ms. Lerner’s hard drive to be deleted — unless they were copies.

Further, if the emails were indeed deleted, they would have to have been deleted by someone with information technology expertise. Only such a person could have removed the emails from the server and all backups and archives of that server.

I would bet my right arm that not one iota of data concerning my tax records has ever been inadvertently destroyed by the Internal Revenue Service, and the servers containing that data are backed up and archived quite thoroughly. I would also bet my right arm that those emails exist either on that mail server or on a backup or archive somewhere unless they were painstakingly and thoroughly eradicated by an IT professional.


Waukegan, Ill.



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