- - Thursday, August 21, 2014

The rule of law, colorblind as it is, and its process applies to all 50 states, including Missouri. Our activist attorney general may think we are a nation of cowards in regard to race relations, but if he is not aware of this American foundation of law, he needs to be replaced. The days of listening to Spike Lee, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who speak only to fan the eternal flame of racial division, are over.

The rule of law and accepted norms of human behavior apply to the entire world, including those barbarians who sever the heads of innocents. If Americans can be beheaded by enemies of the civilized world with little fear of repercussion, then so-called “leaders” need to be replaced, starting at the top. The days of golf, vacations and fundraising are over.

The videotaped beheadings of American citizens are not isolated instances of “workplace violence” or whatever else the current politically incorrect term is. These are in fact acts of war against our country, and they need to be regarded as such.

Our current leader needs to take a side before his own written words concerning the “shifting of political winds” in relation to Islamists comes full circle.


Columbia, Md.

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