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James Foley went to Syria.
He died in an unknown place, beheaded by a man wearing black and speaking with a British accent.
Mr. Foley was allegedly a journalist. To call him a journalist is to stretch that word beyond all meaning. Mr. Foley was an activist and a propagandist. He did not go to report the truth. He was not “fair and balanced.” He wasn’t even accurate.
That did not matter.
His cause was the Sunni Islamists fighting the Syrian government. He tweeted repeatedly about this, ignoring the attacks of Islamists on Christians and repeating the pro-Islamist talking points.
He hated Israel. He hated America. He despised Mitt Romney and Republicans.  Mr. Foley was kidnapped in Syria in November 2012. An interpreter who traveled with him was also kidnapped but later released.
Mr. Foley was held for almost two years before he was executed.
In July, U.S Special Forces were sent into Syria to try and rescue Mr. Foley. It is ironic that Barack Obama sent the American military to rescue an activist who despised our military and this nation, while Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine who served his country honorably is left to rot in a Mexican jail.
We will never know what Mr. Foley thought when he was kidnapped. Was he shocked that his pro-Islamist propaganda and beliefs did not protect him? Was he stunned when he was traded to the hands of the Islamic State (IS)?
Did he believe he would be held for a while, then released? Did he believe he would ultimately be able to write a book about his experience?
What happened on the last day of his life? Did he know he was going to die when he made the video? He read a statement that he certainly could have written himself. Did he believe that he was just making a video to prove he was still alive or a propaganda video?
When did that horrible realization occur to Mr. Foley that despite his support for the Islamist cause, they were going to kill him anyway?
There is a lesson here that people need to realize.
There is evil in this world and right now, the focus of evil in the world is an organization called IS or ISIS or ISIL.
Pleas for moderation and peace will not work with these people. Strongly worded letters will not work. Surgical airstrikes will not work.
There is only one thing that will work against evil.
That is force.
IS is marching through Iraq and Syria. It is killing anyone who will not accept their version of Islam. The execution pits are filling rapidly with the victims of their genocide. It does not matter to these lunatics whether their victims are men, women or children.
They are killing men and taking young and attractive women to be “wives” or worse.
James Foley’s death should serve as a lesson to anyone who believes there can be accommodation with evil. Mr. Foley supported them. He was their propagandist. He was their cheerleader.
What did that get him?
A gruesome death and an unmarked grave someplace.
Americans generally want to mind their own business and live their own lives.  Unfortunately we face and evil that does not believe in accommodation. They believe in surrender or die.
Mr. Obama does not want to admit there is a war coming. After all, he is cheering for the enemy. There is a war coming.
The only question is when will it hit our shores.
James Foley’s death is a warning to America.
Is anyone in Washington listening?

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