- - Sunday, December 14, 2014


Are various political and religious radicals in the United States deliberately increasing racial tensions and mistrust in order to convince the poorly informed that they need these radical leaders for protection? I believe so, and I think those willing to remove their politically correct blinders will see the evidence, too.

Obama supporter Bill Ayers, who has railed against our law enforcement establishments since the 1960s, declared that U.S. grand juries should be abolished. Ayers, a Weatherman terrorist who has supported the bombings of homes of police officers’ families and the killing of our officers, recommends to our president and other leaders that we should have only open trials for law officials accused of murdering minority suspects or perpetrators of minor crimes. Meanwhile mobs threaten, rage, loot and burn outside courtrooms and police stations when any action or verdict they dislike happens.

In physical attacks, fists can be weapons. Yet violent criminals who have been killed are now referred to as “unarmed” and are then martyred to fan the flames of hate. Prices have been placed on the heads of police officers whose jobs require them to confront large, violent lawbreakers.

Are race rioters being convinced to act out as a distraction from the promotion of the destruction of U.S. law and order? Our Constitution is the basis for the social and economic strength that has made our nation one of the safest and most prosperous in the world. Do we really want the vast radical changes that some now are pushing?


Redwood City, California

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