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Republicans won big in the 2014 midterm election, but it already looks as if conservatives still lost.

Just look at what’s transpired the past few weeks:

  • The GOP establishment moved quickly to retain all their leadership positions before the new Congress is convened in January, thus shutting conservatives completely out of the mix.
  • That same GOP leadership has already funded every Obama scam they promised the American people during the campaign they would stop, scheming alongside a president they keep describing as “lawless” to pass the so-called “Cromnibus.”
  • Only 21 Republicans in the U.S. Senate went on the record that Mr. Obama’s executive amnesty is unconstitutional (none of them were in GOP Senate leadership), and nine of those 21 then turned right around and voted to fund something they just voted as unconstitutional.

All of this renders the expensive escapade known as the 2014 election utterly meaningless if you’re an American patriot. That is unless you prefer your Marxist Progressivism to come from an elephant instead of a donkey.

Oh, I know some of you won’t want to admit this to yourselves. I can’t say I blame you, because this admission is about as much fun as being a pro-life group applying for your 501(c)3 status with Mr. Obama’s IRS.

But we can’t just ignore reality.

A reality that says Republican leadership has backed down from every showdown they were supposed to have with Mr. Obama. A reality that says Republican leadership whined harder to the mainstream media about Ted Cruz making them vote on Mr. Obama’s lawlessness than they’ve ever actually fought it. A reality that says if they weren’t going to defund Mr. Obama’s amnesty now before that train leaves the station, they’ll never have the cojones to do it later once Social Security cards start getting issued. A reality that says they never intended to keep their promise to stop Mr. Obama’s amnesty, because GOP leadership is in favor of it.

Every member of GOP leadership on Capitol Hill is pro-amnesty, and Mr. Obama doing this by executive fiat gives them the best of both worlds. They get to deliver amnesty for their corporatist sugar daddies, while pretending to fight it in front of the base because it’s got Mr. Obama’s hand prints all over it.

That’s why they’re so disdainful of what Mr. Cruz and Mike Lee did over the weekend, because it exposed our GOP emperors have no clothes.

Oh sure, nine months from now they’ll put us through a defund dog-and-pony show in an attempt to patronize us. But since they go into every alleged battle with Mr. Obama pre-emptively forsaking any leverage they might have, the French fight with more conviction than GOP leadership does.

I will never again attempt to fire up my audience for GOP leadership’s shadow-boxing. I hope the rest of my brethren feel the same. Our message to the GOP should be clear. Until it proves it’s willing to substantively fight Mr. Obama, don’t send us your emails, don’t ask us for money, and don’t waste your time wasting ours.

By the way, filing a lawsuit against our Marxist-in-Chief doesn’t count, either. Does Republican leadership really expect a federal judge to take their alleged opposition to Mr. Obama seriously when they keep funding everything they claim is unconstitutional? GOP congressional leadership is essentially codifying Mr. Obama’s lawlessness as lawful by granting it constitutionally-mandated appropriations process. They’re also guilty of being lawless if Mr. Obama is.

Besides, even if a federal judge (or the Supreme Court) ruled in favor of the GOP, the judiciary branch has no means to provide relief. For all the remedies for a lawless executive branch are already in the jurisdiction of GOP leadership, which controls the legislative branch (defund, impeachment, etc.). All a federal court can do is the political equivalent of writing Barack Hussein Obama’s name on the board.

Instead of urging Charlie Brown to try once again to kick Lucy’s football, I’m going to urge my audience to bypass Congress next year the same way they’ve already bypassed us. Time is the one thing they’re not making more of these days, and we can’t afford to waste it on the next Boehner-McConnell Milli Vanilli impression.

Therefore, next year I’m going to do my part to do whatever I can to help my fellow conservatives focus all of our efforts on coalescing behind a true conservative champion for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. And since my base of operations is the first in the nation caucus state of Iowa, I can do quite a lot.

That is the real fight, and it’s a fight we can win. If someone wants to help Nancy Boehner find her manly parts, or keep calling the 202 area code to get the Surrender Caucus to delay the inevitable one more day—more power to you.

I, on the other hand, don’t possess the patience of Job, and would prefer not to suffer as much as he did anyway. One time shame on you … 3,216,789 times shame on me.

The only way to beat these vermin is to topple them, and the only way to topple them is to get someone elected president who will empower conservative principles, solutions, and infrastructure. Someone who actually wants to undo Obamaism, not just manage the decay.

We can’t beat the current corrupt system on its home turf in Washington, D.C. But together we can beat it when they come to our house in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina come 2016.

However, it will take time to find the right champion to rally behind and lay the foundation for such an important task. That should be conservatives’ focus next year. Let the parasite class in Washington feast on itself.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)

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