- - Friday, December 26, 2014

It was the night before Christmas and all through my house, the children were asleep, the dogs not so much.

The house was mostly dark except for the lights of the Christmas tree. Underneath the tree were the presents, their wrapping paper reflecting the dim light. There were some good presents under the tree but there was one present I wanted that no one could give.

The one present I would really like to have is a political party in America that represents real Americans.

The Democrats long ago abandoned even the pretense of looking out for the interests of real Americans. That party is anti-liberty and anti-freedom. It is against God, Christianity and any form of traditional belief. Its members hate America and the things that made America great. If America was the Titanic, the Democrats would root for the iceberg.

Democrats despise Americans. They value the “rights” of terrorists over the rights of Americans. They value illegal aliens more than working Americans. They view the American as nothing more than a cash donor for their insane schemes.

If the last few weeks have shown anything, it is that the Republican Party is really no better. Yes, there are some good, patriotic Republicans, but they are becoming a minority in their party.

The Republicans stand with Democrats on amnesty for illegal and undocumented immigrants. They have this delusional belief that if the GOP supports amnesty somehow Hispanics will now magically flow to the Republican Party.

What neither the Democrats nor the Republicans talk about is the indisputable truth that amnesty will crush the middle class. The middle class makes America but neither party cares. The middle class does not have high-powered lobbyists crawling the halls of Washington. Special interests do.

Republicans have been just as fast as Democrats to sign onto the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty, another free trade agreement. Every time America enters one of those agreements, the end result is a trade deficit for America and American jobs lost. Neither party cares about the devastating effect this will have on real Americans. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce keeps telling both parties that it is in the Chamber’s interest for them to support amnesty and so-called free trade.

These free trade agreements are not free trade. Free trade is what exists between the 50 states. Very little of this agreement has anything to do with free trade. It has to do with helping special interests. The Republicans are just as anxious as the Democrats to help their special interest friends.

Who is looking out for the real Americans? Who is looking out for the middle class?

All I wanted for Christmas was a political party that believes in the simple concept that government really is of the people, by the people, for the people.

All I really wanted was a political party committed to reducing the size of government.

All I really wanted was a political party that believes the government is my servant not my master.

All I wanted was a party that believes I am more than just a slave or a serf, serving the government to pay taxes.

All I wanted was a party that believes deadbeats do not have the right to take the fruit of my labor.

All I wanted was a government that could understand the concept of leave me alone.

I can only hope in the next year I do get my Christmas wish. Right now there is very little difference in the parties. They believe in a government of the special interests, by the special interests and for the special interests.

I did not get my Christmas wish this year.

But there are 365-plus shopping and political days left until next Christmas.

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