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WASHINGTON, December 30, 2013 - I regret not getting married when I was young. More specifically, I wish I had focused on the marriage factor, asking myself what I wanted more: a career or a family. 

Unlike my mother’s generation where gender roles were uniquely defined and respected in America, the 1960s feminist movement and the offspring of liberalism has led to the death of masculinity in America today.

Gender roles have eroded to non-existence. 

Starting in elementary school, teachers are drowning boys in “sensitivity,” turning men into little ‘sissies’. “They are making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters,” asserts anti-feminist Camille Paglia in a recent interview. 

She is absolutely correct. These same little boys grow into adults who suppress their manhood to live in a politically correct prison with “no models of manhood,” adds Paglia.

Today’s modern man is afraid to tell a female colleague she looks pretty because he could be sued for sexual harassment. 

Just as the politically correct crowd has succeeded in turning America into a Godless nation where Christians like Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are condemned for talking about their beliefs, America is also becoming a manless nation.

The 1960s feminist movement founders like Gloria Steinem distorted gender roles to create an industry of lies upon which they could build careers. In demanding what should not have required demanding, like equal pay and opportunity, they have given up so much. 

The result is that many women in my generation, daughters born in the 1960s and 1970s, who want to be married aren’t because men demand we be their “super” equals. The 1980 Enjoli perfume ad for “the 24 hour woman” captures feminism’s destruction of manhood in modern society. Not only are women expected “to bring home the bacon” (work a highly successful job) and “fry it up in the pan” (cook), but also maintain a fit body, keep a clean house, perhaps be a mom and “never let you forget you’re a man.” 

Whew, I’m weary just writing about today’s super woman. 

My mother wanted me to have more “career” choices in life than she did as a woman growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. Yet she certainly didn’t want my choices in men to be the casualty of my professional success. I was raised in a traditional household where my mother stayed at home most of her adult life raising three children while my Dad was the provider. 

In many ways I wish I had her life because today’s American culture no longer celebrates men and women’s biological difference. Consequently, romance has been sucked out of dating.  

As I’ve gotten older, dating has become awkward. Our masculine bereft society has made men believe they don’t have to act like men: pay for dates, open car doors and basically act chivalrous. You know woo a woman.

Last year I dated a man, who after few months, wanted to make a point of how much money he spent every time he took me to dinner. 

After giving him the kiss off once, I agreed to a dinner date. Reading the menu, he blurted out he was still looking for a job so I would have to go split the check with him.

This coming from a 40 something man, who just retired from the military and was receiving his pension and about to sign an offer letter for a new job. 

I looked at him speechless, ordered my meal and split the check. The next day I texted him, saying I can certainly pay for my own meals and that’s not why I go on dates. 

Men go off to war, defend women and children against harm because they’re stronger. They are inherently providers. Women bear children, care for them and their husbands because we are naturally nurturers. It’s time for men to man up; women to be feminine again and America to reject the lies feminism is built upon: abortions and career women.

No one can have it all, especially women. You can’t be a millionaire CEO and great mom too without sacrificing something.

I’d happily exchange my “career” for the option to be barefoot and pregnant tomorrow if I could. What’s wrong with that? Women and men need to stop apologizing for our natural instincts. 

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